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How Huddle Spaces are Driving Healthcare Digitization

Dedicated spaces for video calls elevate care and collaboration above baseline options

Huddle spaces allow for effective, meaningful collaboration and patient care in healthcare institutions in ways that a simple webcam cannot.

Healthcare is going digital, just like many other industries and working arrangements and at the core of digitalization in healthcare is the widespread adoption of video conferencing. It complements patient visits and house calls by allowing healthcare providers to check up on patients virtually. The next best thing to organizing virtual meetings are meeting huddle spaces, which benefit both doctors and patients in various ways.

Benefits of online patient meetings

Online patient meetings have a myriad of benefits for both patients and their doctors, including:

  • They allow patients to reach out to their doctor without having to get an appointment, go to the hospital, and sit in a waiting room.
  • They offer a way for patients to open up more to their doctor, as some people find face-to-face situations difficult.
  • They help doctors and other healthcare providers to reach out to a wider base of patients and lets them deliver care much quicker than they would through face-to-face meetings.
  • They remove the geographical barrier, as you can get in touch with a patient who is a continent away from you within minutes.

Benefits of installing a huddle space in a healthcare setting

Healthcare practitioners, as a result, have been pushed to adapt to the new paradigm of video calls, or telehealth, which is drastically different from their regular mode of operations. Still, telehealth is seeing strong, continued uptake and many patients are responding positively to it, according to a recent McKinsey report, meaning it’s likely to stay in the post-pandemic world. One way to make it easier for doctors and nurses to talk to patients virtually, while also providing healthcare providers with a dedicated space, is to install huddle spaces in clinics and hospitals. Huddle spaces ensure a setting in which privacy is allowed for while also being equipped with all the tools necessary to support a consultation. A seamless and secure connection between both parties is essential. Huddle spaces come in various types to provide a wide range of benefits to practitioners, regardless of their specialization.

Telehealth continues to gain in popularity so healthcare institutions need to adapt and put future-proof remote solutions in place.

When attending to patients online all day, you can’t make do with only a laptop and a webcam. You need to have the right peripherals for the job, and ATEN makes sure you get just that. We design and build high-quality audiovisual equipment that is specially designed for hospitals and clinics.

If you need to preside over a meeting with a panel of doctors or nurses, the ATEN Seamless Presentation Switch is purpose-built for the job. It offers quad-view multi-streaming along with a whiteboard function, chat rooms, audio support, and more.

The Seamless Presentation Switch with Quad View Multistreaming (VP2120) integrates video matrix switch, AV streaming, audio mixing, and collaborative functions into one compact device.

The ATEN Control System brings you a 12-button control pad with which you can control everything – lights, sound, displays, air conditioning, and much more in one place. This way, you don’t have to go out of your way to control your huddle space.

You wouldn’t want your huddle space to be cluttered with audio and video devices and wires in the fast-paced environment of healthcare where response time can be critical, would you? You don’t have to, thanks to the ATEN HDMI & VGA HDBaseT Transmitter, which allows you seamless connectivity over long distances. It can be attached to a wall and used for audio and video connections while your screen (and HDBaseT receiver) or video presentation switch are at a convenient viewing location.

The ATEN HDMI & VGA HDBaseT Transmitter with EU Wall Plate / PoH (4K@100m) (HDBaseT Class A) (VE2812AEUT) is a wall plate transmitter for sending VGA (with audio) and HDMI signals up to 100 m over a single Cat 5e/6/6a cable.

Adapting to the transition from physical patient meetings and house calls to online patient meetings doesn’t need to be difficult, and with the right hardware in place it’s simple. In addition to easing installation concerns, ATEN hardware keep your conversations secure and feature-rich solutions so you can deliver a seamless patient experience in a future-proof huddle space.

ATEN Solutions for Healthcare

ATEN specializes in varied, secure solutions to digitize healthcare operations and meet the needs of all healthcare IT department, medical practitioners, and patients. These include:

  • Delivering fast, reliable and continuous video streams with instant real-time source switching and control without delays
  • Interoperating with PACS and ECG equipment, MRI/CT scanners, remote monitoring systems, APS systems, EMR systems, and more
  • Providing the highest resolutions, high-precision quality and accuracy, up to 4K @ 60Hz (4:4:4), HDR, and grayscale imaging support

Want to hear more about hardware solutions for signal distribution in healthcare environments? Get in touch with an ATEN expert.

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