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How to Digitize Healthcare with Flexible Workspace Solutions

These devices bring healthcare institutions up to speed in a digital world while also safeguarding data.

Healthcare is increasingly becoming digital, so that means future proofing and safeguarding digital solutions to provide better healthcare and protect patient data.

Digitization and innovation have uplifted and revamped many industries around the world, including healthcare. This digital transformation has allowed caregivers to reach more people, regardless of their demographics, location, or condition. It has also enhanced workspace management in healthcare institutions, allowing doctors, nurses, and other healthcare staff to perform their duties more efficiently than ever before.

Despite these advances, only seven percent of healthcare and pharmaceutical companies surveyed had digitized their services, which is less than half of other industries surveyed. The good news is that there’s still time to implement digital solutions that will provide better healthcare coverage and allow for more flexible working conditions for practitioners. In this article we’ll look at solutions that healthcare institutions can implement to rapidly speed up their digital adoption to provide better healthcare today.

What is an Electronic Patient dossier?

An Electronic Patient Dossier(EPD) is a national centralized electronic health record and an important part of digitized healthcare in the modern age. It allows medical professionals to register healthcare data with complete accuracy,and this data can be accessed by medical institutions around the country if needed.

There are various benefits for medical personnel to keep an electronic patient dossier. Not only does an EPD help keep patient data safe.It also enables a rapid exchange of medical data, which allows healthcare professionals and first responders to make informed decisions when it comes to healthcare, saving the life of patients quickly.

Benefits of Digitizing Healthcare Research

When it comes to medical research and EPDs, the benefits of digitized procedures and data are numerous:

  • Data becomes accessible to other medical researchers and professionals, allowing a complete patient history.
  • With easy access to data, doctors can make better decisions about patient care and treatment, reducing the chances of medication errors.
  • Hospitals and healthcare institutions can make better patient-centric decisions, enhancing patient experiences and also enabling people to receive better healthcare.
  • Healthcare institutions can monitor and predict patient inflow and hire more staff accordingly.
  • It can be used to deliver performance-based results that will enhance operations in healthcare institutions.

How to solve data-security and accessibility questions?

Making the leap to a digitized healthcare institution can be daunting with so many options available. Data safety is key in healthcare. For example, the General Data Protection Regulation, applicable to all inhabitants within the EU countries since 2018 has re-stated the priority of ICT managers to implement the highest possible protection levels to hardware and software systems.This is where a keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) switch comes in. A KVM switch is a hardware device that helps you control multiple computers with one keyboard, mouse, and monitor. It also serves as a starting point for a more efficient digital healthcare organization. Some of its benefits are:

  • It allows secure access to computers through various user and authentication settings.
  • It acts as a central device between the computers and the peripherals you are using.
  • It allows hospital managers and other administrative staff to rapidly switch between various operating systems as needed.
  • It allows users to monitor multiple computers on various displays or in a multi-view display setup.
  • It allows networking personnel to manage the entire server and networking operations inside a hospital.

Combine USB-C and DisplayPort for optimal device management

If you or your clients manage IT or administrative operations inside a hospital or medical institution, you can equip your workspace withATEN’sadvanced KVM solutions. ATEN offers a variety of switches with strengths to meet different healthcare IT needs. For example, let’s say an IT admin wants DisplayPort connectivity and USB-C for a mobile device, or even a laptop, at their workstation. Healthcare workers can connect one USB keyboard, mouse, and one DisplayPort monitor to control two DisplayPort computers and one USB-C device using the ATEN CS1953 3-Port USB-C DisplayPort Hybrid KVMP™ Switch, allowing them to easily switch between computers for mission-critical work

The CS1953 desktop allows for easy switching between 3 computers with DisplayPort and fast docking over USB-C so healthcare workers can effortlessly switch between computers.

Combine 4K resolutions with a dual-display setup

The CS1842 2-Port USB 3.0 4K HDMI Dual Display KVMP™ Switch resents a valuable solution for a nurse’s station or healthcare admin’s desktop with instant and effortless access to two HDMI interface computers from a single USB keyboard, mouse and two HDMI monitors.

Maximize security and authentication levels

You can connect and manage up to 4 computers simultaneously with the CS1184DP 4-Port USB DisplayPort Secure KVM Switch, which is optimized for secure switching and data safekeeping in healthcare admin. This device is also developed in accordance with the high-level data protection standards of NIAP Protection Profile for Peripheral Sharing Switch Version 3.0.

Enable secure off-site access

If you need to enable secure off-site access, a switch such as the CN9950 1-Local/Remote Share Access Single Port 4K DisplayPort KVM over IP Switch allows you to build flexible workstations with safe remote access from any location inside or outside your organization and is useful in scenarios such as with COWS during surgery and other medical imaging situations that require fast remote access and 4K visuals.

A mobile medical COW wheels is useful in many healthcare environments. Store the computer in a safe server room and provide access to it with a CN9950 KVM.

ATEN Solutions for Healthcare

ATEN specializes in varied, secure solutions to digitize healthcare operations and meet the needs of all healthcare IT department, medical practitioners, and patients. These include:

  • Delivering fast, reliable and continuous video streams with instant real-time source switching and control without delays
  • Interoperating with PACS and ECG equipment, MRI/CT scanners, remote monitoring systems, APS systems, EMR systems, and more
  • Providing the highest resolutions, high-precision quality and accuracy, up to 4K @ 60Hz (4:4:4), HDR, and grayscale imaging support

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