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Meeting the Challenges of Today's Spaces

Meetings are changing every day as more organizations embrace new technology. The nature of collaboration, presentation, and communication is constantly evolving. To meet the demands of this changing landscape, the ATEN presentation switch series is tailor-made for smooth, efficient meetings in the face of challenges from using multiple device formats and sources, including from remote participants. Get the flexibility, ease-of-use, and control you need for productive meetings in commercial and educational spaces with our solutions!

Maximized Compatibility for Simplified AV Integration

Integrates diverse AV interfaces with extensive transmission, conversion, and processing capabilities, while eliminating the need for numerous individual components and avoiding compatibility challenges during setup.

User-centric Controls + App for Streamlined Operations

Features user-centric control methods including front panel pushbuttons with intuitive OSD, Web GUI, Mobile App, as well as IR, RS-232, and Ethernet for control integration that streamlines user operations.

For all Commercial and Educational Meeting Spaces

Unique designs to satisfy application demands, from simple presentation source switching to advanced collaboration and remote participation in meeting rooms, conference rooms, classrooms, lecture halls, and more.

Typical Applications

Huddle Space with Wireless Content Streaming

Application Challenges ATEN Solutions
Secure and easy to access, on-demand Connects to secure corporate network and can be accessed easily by simple logins
Content sharing from a variety of mobile devices Wireless content streaming from up to 4 devices
 Sharing via Web GUI and ATEN Video Presentation Control App
Spontaneous discussions that require multiple participants to show their contents simultaneously View up to 4 streamed-in sources in quad view and select amongst them to go full screen

Small Meeting Room

Application Challenges ATEN Solutions
Integrate up to 4 sources that use different analog/digital interfaces Compact device that consolidates multiple source formats
UHD output capability with choice of simultaneous output to 2 displays Built-in True 4K scaler, supports HDR, and capable of automatic scaling for simultaneous True 4K and 1080p outputs
Extract audio into connected audio system or display output Supports audio embedding / de-embedding

Medium Meeting Room

Application Challenges ATEN Solutions
Projectors or displays are located up to 140m feet away from the source device Supports long distance transmission via HDBaseT
Control switching of sources from an easily accessible area Switch sources directly via a Contact Closure Remote Pad located in an easy-to-reach location
Support microphone input and the flexibility to mix with other audio sources during presentations Mixes microphone input with other audio sources and automatically reduces their volume when microphone signal is detected
Extract audio into connected audio system or display output Supports audio embedding / de-embedding

Conference Room with Moderator

Application Challenges ATEN Solutions
Integrate various sources that use different analog/digital interfaces A compact device that consolidates multiple source formats
Easy content sharing and collaboration between on-site and remote participants Bi-directional multistreaming enables content to be shared to and from participants remotely
Meeting moderator needs to manage output displays without interrupting the meeting Moderator Mode lets the moderator discretely access any output display to switch content or change settings
Extract audio and connect to the existing audio system Supports audio embedding and de-embedding
Overlay the microphone input on top of other audio sources for collaboration Supports mixing the microphone inputs with any external analog or digital audio source

Classroom with Interactive Display

Application Challenges ATEN Solutions
Connect equipment with a mix of legacy and newer interfaces, including document camera, touch panel, set-top box, audio amplifier, and more A compact device that consolidates multiple source formats and integrates easily with a digital podium
Matrix display of different sources on two screens VP1920 supports matrix display mode
Show the interactive touch panel content on a larger projector screen for the class Easily integrates a touch panel into one system and mirrors the content to the projector screen
A simple configuration solution to avoid possible compatibility issues Simplifies system build by reducing the number of extra switches / converters / USB extenders

Lecture Hall with Multiple Sources & Displays

Application Challenges ATEN Solutions
Displays can be located up to 70 meters away Long distance extension via HDBaseT
No black screens when switching sources Zero-second seamless switching among sources
Extract audio and connect to the venue audio system Supports audio embedding and de-embedding
Overlay the microphone inputs on top of other audio sources for lectures Supports mixing the microphone inputs with any external analog or digital audio source

VP1000 Core Series

  • Superior Video up to True 4K, HDR
    Features models with up to 4K and True 4K resolutions that support popular HDR formats, delivering more vivid and vibrant video than ever before.
  • Multi-format AV Interface Support
    Provides diverse legacy and modern AV interfaces including HDMI, VGA, HDBaseT, Component/Composite video with support for Stereo, Coaxial, Toslink, and Optical audio outputs, giving you the connections you need.
  • Compact Solution in One Enclosure
    Integrates additional AV processing capabilities, such as HDBaseT connectivity, audio mixing, and microphone support, and provides an economical and efficient all-in-one solution to minimize your setup efforts as well as total cost of owner-ship.

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VP2000 Collaborative Series

  • Seamless Switch for Ultra Smooth Transitions
    Enables real-time control and zero-delay switching between multiple sources for uninterrupted experiences while transitioning from one presentation source to another.
  • Bi-directional Streaming for Remote Sharing
    Flexibly share presentation content wirelessly via the VP Web GUI and Mobile App with any mobile device from anywhere on the intranet.
  • Advanced Collaboration Features
    Features collaboration functions such as the Whiteboard and Chat Room that enhance teamwork or group discussions, as well as the Moderator for more complicated meeting settings where control over meeting flow is required.

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Video Presentation Control App

The ATEN Video Presentation Control App is a free mobile app that features control and collaboration capabilities to deliver smooth, engaging, and productive meetings when used with ATEN Video Presentation Switches with Ethernet support.

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  • Multiple Login Options

    Auto search the network for ATEN Video Presentation Switches and log in manually or via QR Code.
  • Wireless Streaming

    Present wirelessly by sharing presentation content directly from your mobile device. View presentation content from remote locations and keep the meeting flowing.
  • Advanced Collaboration

    Take notes, make annotations with the Whiteboard as well as instantly chat via the Chat Room.
  • Source Preview

    Drag and drop sources from what you see to where you want to see it to efficiently control the display of multiple presentation sources.
  • Intuitive Control

    Set layouts, control audio and more with a few simple taps.
  • The features on Video Presentation Control App vary depending on functions supported by each Model.
    Visit the product page or mobile app store for supported models

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