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Aims for net-zero carbon emissions by 2050


Faced with the severe challenge of climate change, ATEN actively assumes corporate social responsibility and aims for net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, fully investing in carbon reduction efforts. ATEN has formulated a series of specific action plans with this goal in mind, including reducing carbon emissions by 50% at its Taiwan headquarters and Xizhi production base by 2030.

To achieve these carbon reduction goals, ATEN has actively invested in energy conservation and renewable energy applications. In 2021, ATEN built a solar photovoltaic power generation system with a 170 KWp capacity at its Xizhi factory headquarters and officially put it into operation at the end of the same year. In addition, ATEN also built a solar photovoltaic power generation system with a 334.8 KWp capacity at its Thailand factory, which officially began mass production in 2021 and has been in trial operation since November 2022.

Until now, the total solar power generation of ATEN’s various factories amounted to 398,611.663 kWh. Each kWh produces 0.509 kg CO2e, according to Taipower's power emission factor in 2022. Thus it is estimated that 202.893 tons of CO2e can be reduced through solar power. These solar energy systems not only reduce the company's carbon footprint but they also bring long-term economic benefits to the enterprise.


ATEN built a solar photovoltaic power generation system with a 334.8 KWp capacity at its Thailand factory.

In addition to reducing carbon emissions, ATEN is also committed to nurturing a green corporate culture. We encourage employees to participate in environmental protection activities, to enhance their environmental awareness, and to integrate energy conservation and carbon reduction concepts into their daily work. In addition to regularly holding environmental lectures and green lifestyle experience activities, we also regularly organize beach clean-up events, leading employees to contribute to the environment through practical actions and enabling them to learn about environmental protection while having fun and enhancing their enthusiasm for a green lifestyle.


In the process of protecting the whole ecological environment and sustainable development, ATEN has painstakingly launched a comprehensive environment management system and related activities, in addition to strongly striving for technological improvement and breakthroughs. ATEN has assumed responsibility for preventing pollution, creating an outstanding work environment, protecting the physical and psychological health of employees, perfecting our legal responsibility, performing our social duties and protecting the environment. In obedience to the requirements of ISO 14001, an environmental safety policy has been defined, and serves as the highest directive for deciding environmental management strategy.

  • Enacting environmental protection directives: auditing the implementation of directives related to protecting the environment, and abiding by the environmental regulations and requirements of supervisory agencies.
  • Making the most of resource innovation: using resources well, reducing wasteful behavior, lowering pollution of the environment, and reducing resource consumption.
  • Sustainable green production: regular audits and inspections to ensure the continued improvement of environmental policy, together ensuring a green global village.