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Our Environmental Promise

In the process of protecting the whole ecological environment and sustainable development, ATEN has painstakingly launched a comprehensive environment management system and related activities, in addition to strongly striving for technological improvement and breakthroughs. ATEN has assumed responsibility for preventing pollution, creating an outstanding work environment, protecting the physical and psychological health of employees, perfecting our legal responsibility, performing our social duties and protecting the environment. In obedience to the requirements of ISO 14001, an environmental safety policy has been defined, and serves as the highest directive for deciding environmental management strategy.

  • Enacting environmental protection directives: auditing the implementation of directives related to protecting the environment, and abiding by the environmental regulations and requirements of supervisory agencies.
  • Making the most of resource innovation: using resources well, reducing wasteful behavior, lowering pollution of the environment, and reducing resource consumption.
  • Sustainable green production: regular audits and inspections to ensure the continued improvement of environmental policy, together ensuring a green global village.