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ATEN's expectations of itself for social participation have not been reduced in the least; while earning money through our operations, the cost we pay for these expectations in money and manpower is also, naturally, seen as part of the necessary expenditure for enterprise operations. Statistics show that over the 8 years from 2005-2012, ATEN's donations to education, the community, our neighbors and other public benefit projects have exceeded NTD 21 million. Donation methods include: environmental improvement for schools, purchase of school supplies, subsidies for impoverished students, donations of ambulances and police cars, charity arts performances and educational activities, environmental protection, disaster relief, etc.

A deeper, more far-reaching level of influence of ATEN's active social participation displayed itself in 2012: the establishment of the ATEN Volunteer Club. In the future, the Volunteer Club will work independently: ATEN employees and their families will get involved in charity, and activities to protect the environment and assist the disadvantaged. They will transform "corporate social responsibility" into "employee social responsibility."