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Extending Process Control

Due to the extremely high cost of offshore personnel, and the fact that there are strict limits to the number of people due to safety regulations, an oil drilling platform needed multiple industrial process computers to be safely located in a server room onshore, while still being accessible from 5 separate control rooms in various locations around the production facilities.

The setup required a specialist in process automation of industrial plants, with a focus on integrating DCS, SCADA/HMI and PLC solutions with remote IT management. Furthermore, in case of future operational expansion, the system needed to incorporate both point-to-point and multipoint-to-multipoint KVM extender connections.


Remote Monitoring

To enable constant monitoring of industrial processes from control rooms and remote workstations

Secure Access

Selectively monitor attached process servers efficiently while maintaining high network security

Expandable Solution

Ability to expand maintenance and control operations by adding further surveillance workstations in the future

High connection flexibility means control room operators can access and maintain multiple servers while individual workstations can directly and securely monitor specific servers for targeted process control requirements.

Supported by ATEN KVM over IP Matrix System


Dual-view Display

Solution provides both single-view and dual-view display workstations for flexible monitoring and operation

Advanced Security

Allows secure data transmission with the extra option of isolating individual KE units from the larger network via dedicated LAN port

Virtual Media

Provided virtual media support for file transfers, OS patching, software installation, and diagnostic testing

Connection Diagram

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