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ATEN and NETGEAR Forge a Global AV Over IP Partnership

In an ambitious stride towards leadership in the AV over IP infrastructure arena, ATEN and NETGEAR have solidified their collaboration, with sights set on transcending the Taiwanese market to embrace a global audience. This technical alliance promises a spectrum of stable, high-performance solutions tailored for diverse applications, ranging from digital signage to audio-visual extensions in control rooms, all while adeptly navigating the ever-evolving landscape of technological trends.

This partnership stands as NETGEAR's strategic foray into the AV over IP domain. As the sole network device in the market supporting hybrid AV transmission, we eagerly anticipate synergizing with ATEN to deliver robust solutions, addressing the burgeoning demands of the market.

— Richard Jonker, VP Commercial Business Development at NETGEAR

In today's dynamic settings, encompassing airports, malls, and control centers, the need for seamless AV systems is pivotal for real-time information and entertainment.
NETGEAR, in a strategic technical collaboration with ATEN, proudly unveils a dedicated Web GUI configuration page. This ensures seamless compatibility, maximizing the benefits of both products and solidifying our commitment to excellence, underscored by a certification of collaborative innovation.
ATEN and NETGEAR's collaborative efforts ensure cutting-edge solutions, unlocking substantial advantages.

Reliable Performance and Scalability

Our technical teams collaborate seamlessly, guaranteeing integrated stability and excellent performance across diverse applications. Our new products are designed for high scalability, adapting dynamically to evolving customer needs.

Localized Services

Leveraging a global service network, both ATEN and NETGEAR provide clients with localized support and services, ensuring smooth project execution and maintenance.

Intuitive Management Tools

Our integrated product solutions feature user-friendly Web GUI and APP management tools, allowing clients to effortlessly set up and manage AV over IP systems without cumbersome procedures.

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