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Top FAQs & Troubleshooting

Here is a list of the most popular FAQs concerning ATEN products and software.
KVM ProAV SOHO & Small Office PDU

CS64U Hotkey combination to switch ports

First, verify your keyboard is plugged into the keyboard console port(There is a keyboard icon behind the CS64U) and your mouse is connected to the mouse console port. (See attached picture) Please note a single wireless dongle (combo keyboard/mouse) should be plugged into the keyboard console port.The default hotkey combination to switch to the next port is: [scroll lock] + [scroll lock] + [enter]The alternate hotkey combination is: [Ctrl] + [Ctrl] + [Enter]The direct port switching is: 
[scroll lock] + [scroll lock] + [port number] + [enter]

For details, please see the video clip below.