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ATEN Control System - Configurator Software

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  • Simple profile setup with easy configuration steps via intuitive GUI
  • Custom design the GUI and controls to use on mobile devices and tablet computers
  • Built-in Database Generator for device driver setup and overall device management
  • Supports Telnet, TCP, ONVIF, and PJLink protocols for controlling IP-based devices over a network

The ATEN Configurator Software (VK6000) is a GUI-based management tool that provides the easiest way to set up the ATEN Control System. You can use the software to configure devices you want to control by utilizing our intuitive GUI, which helps you to set up the system in easy configuration steps – without writing code.

The software allows you to create a custom control interface simply by dragging and dropping default images and icons onto pages. Plus, you can upload images and icons to design a personalized user interface – from the colors, to buttons and backgrounds, to a company’s logo, there is no limit. The VK6000 also has a built-in ATEN Library with 10,000+ device drivers and all the ATEN ProAV product drivers so that you can seamlessly integrate any hardware device from any major brands in no time.

  • Simple profile setup with easy configuration steps via intuitive GUI
  • Customizable GUI to be used on mobile devices and PC
  • Supports ControlAssist that allows PC control (PC shutdown, media files, PowerPoint files)1
  • Supports Pronto formatted IR codes – IR command codes can be entered in Hex format
  • Supports Modbus protocol – enables integration with Modbus devices, including TCP, RTU and its checksum data
  • Supports Telnet CLI (command-line interface) mode for third-party system integration
  • Built-in Database Generator for device driver setup and overall device management
  • Built-in ATEN Library comprising 10,000+ device drivers and complete ATEN ProAV product drivers
  • Scheduling for repeating events
  • Programming-based Script Editor for complex monitoring scenario handling
  • Two-way communication enables user-defined event monitoring to automatically trigger the next actions
  • Status synchronization of managed devices across multiple mobile devices
  • Supports status monitoring and action control confi gurations of third devices implemented on ATEN Unizon.2
  • Allows for Display Real-time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) and ATEN VE89 series video
  • Test tool to verify commands in action before uploading the profile to the VK series controllers
  • Simulator to simulate and review the customized GUI before uploading

    1. For details on the supported PC control actions, refer to the ATEN Control System User Manual.
    2. The function is applicable to VK2200 / VK1200.
OS SupportWindows 7(32/64 bit) and above
Storage Capacity500MB available hard disk space
System Memory1GB

ОSDescriptionVer.Release DateFile Name
AndroidUpgrade Softwarev3.7.3652024-06-03 aten-control-system-app-android-v3.7.365.zip
AndroidUpgrade Softwarev3.7.3642024-01-30 aten-control-system-app-android-v3.7.364.zip
WindowsUpgrade Softwarev3.6.3572024-01-30 aten-control-system-app-windows-v3.6.357.zip
AndroidUpgrade Softwarev3.6.3562023-12-27 aten-control-system-app-android-v3.6.356.zip
AndroidUpgrade Softwarev3.4.3322022-10-13 aten_control_system_app_android_v3.4.332.zip
WindowsUpgrade Softwarev3.4.3312022-10-13 aten_control_system_app_windows_v3.4.331.zip
WindowsUpgrade Softwarev3.3.3222022-07-08 aten_control_system_app_windows_v3.3.322.zip
AndroidUpgrade Softwarev3.3.3222022-07-08 aten_control_system_app_android_v3.3.322.zip
ATEN Certified Drivers
Drivers for ATEN Control System
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Upgrade Softwarev2.1.2042024-02-15 ControlAssist-Setup-v2.1.204.zip
Upgrade Softwarev3.7.3652024-06-06 vk6000-setup-v3.7.365.zip
Upgrade Softwarev3.7.3642024-02-15 vk6000-setup-v3.7.364.zip
Upgrade Softwarev3.6.3542023-10-16 vk6000-setup-v3.6.354.zip
Upgrade Software
(The versions above v3.4.333 for VK2100 and VK1100 are not supported)
v3.4.3332023-10-16 vk6000-setup-v3.4.333.zip
Upgrade Softwarev3.2.3142022-04-25 vk6000_setup_v3.2.314.zip
Upgrade Softwarev3.2.3132022-04-01 vk6000_setup_v3.2.313.zip
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