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V3.7 What's new

  1. Launched Web Viewer to easily integrate controller's viewer with 3rd-party systems

  2. Enabled VK401 for RBS authentication from VK330

  3. Introduced a Portrait Mode for Viewer design

  4. Enabled Quick Connection to controllers from Viewer

What is the ATEN Control System?

When it comes to creating the environment for the perfect meeting, a comprehensive training program, or an interactive video conference, you don't want to settle for anything but the comfort of control, without complication. You might have a modern environment with all sorts of high-tech equipment, but what makes it worthwhile is how you bring together your presentation, audio, video and lighting in a seamless collaboration. This is when a control system comes in the picture - to provide integrated control and system automation.

The ATEN Control System is a standard Ethernet-based management system consisting of the controllers, expansion boxes, the configurator and control interfaces that connects all hardware devices in a room or large facility to provide centralized control of devices directly and effortlessly from any mobile device and ATEN Control System interfaces.
What Movie
Introduction to the ATEN Control System :
The ATEN Control System, let me show you how it works...
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Installation Movie
ATEN Control System in Detail :
What system integrators want to know about the ATEN Control System...
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How to install
How to install an ATEN wall-mount keypad :
The wall-mounted keypad is another simple control interface.
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Control System

Management Software

Server-based software for centralized monitoring, control, and management of ATEN Video Matrix Switches and Control System solutions with ATEN device and third-party device control functionality.


Controllers, in the form of control boxes and control pads, serve as a central platform where all hardware devices connect in order to be controlled.

Expansion Boxes

Expansion Boxes provide additional serial, IR, and relay ports to flexibly increase the number or type of connections to hardware devices in your installation.

Control Interfaces

Customized interfaces for controlling your hardware devices via touch panels and mobile devices with the ATEN Control System app as well as wall-mount faceplates.


Features Configurator Software and additional tools that enable easy set up of control settings and GUIs for use on any ATEN Control System interface.

Embrace Flexibility and Collaboration with ATEN’s Open API

ATEN Control System and Room Booking System offer an API that enables integration with third-party systems, enhancing its versatility.

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Embrace Flexibility and Collaboration with ATEN’s Open API

Why choose the ATEN Control System?

Have you ever wanted to give your existing environment a makeover, but you've been afraid it might go beyond your budget, or you're not sure how it'll turn out? Rest assured, the ATEN Control System is just the solution to dispel your doubts by making it a SIMPLE and ADAPTABLE process. The solution has been developed to facilitate your workspace with the following advantages :


Your devices can interact and respond to each other intelligently through pre-programmed actions to perform a fully automated series of advanced operations.

Real-time Synchronization

Actual equipment status is synchronized in real-time across all control interfaces, enabling conflict-free control among multiple users simultaneously.

Simplified Configuration

Easily set up control patterns without extensive programming knowledge and decrease time spent on manual configuration with our advanced device drivers.

Effortless Expansion

Highly expandable with a wide range of ATEN expansion boxes, a database of 10,000+ device drivers, and support for popular control standards and protocols including KNX, HTTP(S), Telnet, TCP, UDP, and over IP.

User-centered Convenience

An advanced, single-software solution creates intuitive control interfaces for any mobile device while specific needs can be conveniently tailored by selecting from an extensive library of action options and design elements.

On-the-Go Control

Support for iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices facilitates centralized control of different rooms via user-defined profiles with simple point-n-tap operations.

How to Deploy?

No matter how large the room or how complicated the hardware, deploying the ATEN Control System can be as easy as 3 steps: