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ATEN Remote Control & Monitoring Solutions - High-Tech Production Line

Manufacturing is among the vertical sectors to have received the largest impact of the technological developments of the last decade. Beyond the incredible cross-industry disruption created by the Internet of Things (IoT), new paradigms in consumer purchasing behavior, manufacturing services, and industrial security are beginning to upend traditional production models, leaving companies both large and small scrambling to catch up to ensure competitiveness.

Success Story - VIVE Cooking School, Australia

Previously, VIVE’s technology solution made it very difficult for students to watch demonstrations proffered by chefs up-close. The system offered no centralized control to allow for switching multiple inputs to multiple outputs; rather, it was limited to just two video inputs and outputs and teachers needed to switch cameras manually from a laptop.

Now, with the introduction of a tailored solution from ATEN that includes the 8 x 8 HDMI Matrix Switch with Scaler VM5808H, which offers a local output (8 total) for each input (8 total) as well as profiles to be pre-set so that input/output routing is done once via an online browser setup; the ATEN Control System - Compact Control Box VK1100, which allows for easy switching of VM5808H screen setup and centralised control; and, the 3G-SDI to HDMI/Audio Converter VC480, which converts a 3G/HD/SD-SDI input signal to HDMI in real time while avoiding transformation loss for both audio and video signals.

Historia sukcesu - Szkoła podstawowa w Nan-Hu, Tajwan

Zobacz kompletne rozwiązanie systemu sterowania, w tym płynny przełącznik matrycowy, przedłużacze HDBaseT, PDU, sterowanie oświetleniem do budowy interaktywnej klasy eFuture.

Historia sukcesu - Bar Elevens, Wielka Brytania - Digital Signage

Elevens Bar & Grill, nowy bar sportowy, potrzebował systemu sterowania/dystrybucji 4K na 20 ekranach na dwóch piętrach. Rozwiązanie ATEN zawierało modułowy przełącznik macierzy VM3200 32x32, kontroler VK2100 i nasze produkty HDBaseT.