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Self-service Efficiency

A major retailer with multiple outlets in several locations wanted to enhance its overall service and customer satisfaction by increasing related operational efficiency, reducing customer wait time, and improving the overall in-store experience. This involved the installation of self-service kiosks that automate the order and payment process, and the integration of a digital signage solution to offer interactive advertisements, billing functions, and order notifications.

Due to the high number of individual outlets, this would entail a massive roll-out across multiple locations, and so the solution needed to be not only effective and simple to implement, but also cost-effective and robust.


Long-distance HDMI & Control Extension

High-quality HDMI and control signal transmission over long distances throughout large stores with multiple floors

Touchscreen & Payment Interface Support

Installer needed a solution that supported extension of proprietary control interfaces for specialized transaction equipment

4K Digital Signage

Needed to offer interactive advertising, queue management, and order notifications to improve the in-store experience for customers


Solution needed to be flexible, customizable, and cost-effective enough to be implemented across multiple stores across the country

With consumer autonomy on the rise, this retailer was able to streamline the customer experience and cut costs by utilizing self-service devices to offer flexible and specialized services.

Supported by ATEN HDBaseT HDMI extension solutions


Long-Distance Extension

Allows flexible placement of self-service kiosks on the shop floor while extending 4K up to 100 m to computers located in a secure room

HDBaseT™ 2.0 Technology

With RS232, IR, Ethernet, and USB 2.0 extended over a single cable, solution supports touchscreens and payment interfaces

Reliable Content Distribution

Enabled distribution of interactive content spread across multiple locations throughout the store for engaging promotion and effective queue management

Robust and Stable

ATEN’s exclusive LockPro design makes the system more secure and stable by securely anchoring the HDMI connection to avoid accidental detaching

Connection Diagram

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