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How to Create a Hot Desking Setup for a Hybrid-First Workplace

Hybrid working models, and hot desking, are here to stay, but do you have the best solutions in place?

Hybrid-first workspaces are here to stay and that could include hot desking arrangements.

As we head into the future of work, a few things have become clear: most workers prefer a hybrid, or completely remote, work option. In fact, 77% of workers surveyed by HealthEquity did not want to return to working on-site full time. That said, many workers will go into offices at times, so office layouts are being adapted into hybrid-first spaces for collaboration and that could include hot desking.

What can you do? Make sure that office spaces are optimized for this new working model. An ideal hot desking setup, for example, should have a few pieces of equipment to better help employees. What are those solutions? In this article we’ll take a look at a few:

Portable Docks with the Power of USB-C

A hot desking setup needs more functionality than just a clean space with a desktop Windows PC or Mac. The best, and easiest, way to do this is to add a docking station, preferably one with USB-C. Whether you choose a mini dock or a multiport dock, what you get is the ability to connect a variety of peripherals, screens, and power over a single USB-C cable.

Take, for example, the ATEN UH3237 USB-C Multiport Dock with Power Pass-Through. What it does is simple: let users expand up to 13 devices through a single USB-C cable. That expansion includes USB, SD and Micro SD, Ethernet, HDMI displays, audio, and USB-C power in. Plus, it sits under a laptop, perfect for keeping a hot desk setup relatively clutter free.

Similar to the UH3237, a USB-C multiport mini dock such as the ATEN UH3234 allows you to connect your laptop to a 4K HDMI or VGA FHD monitor, as well as to use a single USB-C cable to charge devices, transfer data, and expand a workstation by up to 10 ports. Plus, users can extend their Windows USB-C laptop to two monitors, or their Macbook or Chromebook to a monitor in 4K.

Want something even smaller that’s easy to take anywhere? Try the UH3239 6-in-1 USB-C Multiport Mini Dock with Power Pass-Through. With it, you can connect up to six devices to a laptop with a single USB-C cable. Those six connections include HDMI, SD/Micro SD, USB-C PD, and two USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A ports.

The ATEN UH3237 USB-C Multiport Dock is purpose-built for work from anywhere, including hot desking, sits under a laptop, and has 13 essential ports.

The UH3239 gives users power pass-through for laptop charging at up to 60W via USB-C PD power adapter, perfect for on-the-go work, with power profiles including 5V, 12V, 15V, and 20V. Plus, it supports resolutions up to 4K (3480x2160 @ 30Hz), and works with Windows, macOS X, and even iPadOS. Design-wise, it’s made of a sturdy and stylish gold aluminum, the USB-C cable comes in at a handy 55 cm (21.65 inches) long, and the entire device weighs just 0.08 kg (0.18 lb).

Workers looking for a dock that they can leave in an office, or take to a hot desking workplace, could also make use of a device such as the UH3237. It sits discretely under a laptop, supports power delivery 3.0 for laptop charging, and expands your laptop’s capabilities with 13 more ports, including USB-A, HDMI, Ethernet, audio, and more

The ATEN UH3239 6-in-1 USB-C Multiport Mini Dock with Power Pass-Through offers numerous essential ports yet is small and light enough to take on-the-go anywhere.

Reimagining the Hybrid-First Office

In order to be best prepared for the future of work, organizations and integrators can invest in technology that will make it easier for employees to quickly and easily collaborate and stay mobile, whether they’re hot desking, having a hybrid meeting, working from home, and more. With these types of solutions in place, workers can bridge the gap between in-person and WFH and ensure that productive hybrid work is here to stay.

ATEN Solutions for Hybrid Workplaces

ATEN specializes in flexible, easily deployed solutions for hybrid and remote work to future-proof organizational productivity and meet the needs of both employers and employees. These include:

  • Desktop and remote access solutions for greater productivity, space-saving, and ergonomics in an evolving hybrid work landscape
  • Remote and hybrid meeting room solutions for enhanced collaboration and productivity enterprise and education
  • Livestreaming solutions for pro-level streaming content that’s easy to make for educational, enterprise, and content creation purposes

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