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Say YES to simplified media distribution.

HDBaseT matrix switches and extenders from ATEN for signal distribution over long distances.

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ATEN HDBaseT long distance media distribution

HDBaseT is a global standard technology for multi-signal distribution. HDBaseT-certified products can transmit 5 key signals, named 5Play, up to 150m over a single network cable. The technology is developed by the HDBaseT Alliance, of which ATEN has been a member since 2013. Ever since, ATEN regularly launches new HDBaseT long distance media distribution solutions.

HDBaseT 5Play

The term 5Play groups the 5 key signals HDBaseT-certified products can support: audiovisual, Ethernet, power, USB and control signals (including infrared, serial commands and CEC).

Ultra HD resolutions

Due to a high bandwidth capacity, HDBaseT products can transmit 4K over a single Cat 5e/6A cable up to 100m without signal degradation or distortion.

One cable

Multiple signals can be distributed simultaneously over a single network cable. Cat cables are commonly used in new and existing installations, leaving the installation of HDBaseT products cost-efficient and without much extra effort. ATEN also offers it's own HDBaseT-certified Cat 6 cable 2L-2910.


HDBaseT is a global connectivity standard used in audiovisual, automotive, industrial computing and residential applications. In this wide range of settings, HDBaseT-certified products from multiple manufacturers, supporting one or more of the 5Play elements, can communicate directly with each other.

Long distances

Equipped with the HDBaseT transmitter or receiver chipsets, products can distribute uncompressed FullHD video signals up to 100m over a single cat cable. HDBaseT Lite models cover distances of up to 70m.

Where is it used?

Become an HDBaseT Expert

Willing to get hands-on? It is possible in one of our Demo & Training Centers. Our in-house HDBaseT trainers are in touch with installers and B2B end-users on a daily base. Benefit from their experience and learn their best-practices in different markets. Choose which of the below programs fits you best and receive the official HDBaseT Installer Expert certificate.

Hands-on training

Join one of our HDBaseT Installer Expert events or request a personal training. We learn you the basics, provide you best practices and let you get hands-on to experience it all live.  

Online video course

Join the online HDBaseT Installer Expert video series to get started with the theory.

Watch the HDBaseT webinar by ATEN

The ATEN HDBaseT range:


7 x 3 Seamless Presentation Matrix Switch with Scaler, Streaming, Audio Mixer, and HDBaseT


USB DisplayPort HDBaseT™ 2.0 KVM Extender (4K@100 m)


USB HDMI HDBaseT™ 2.0 KVM Extender (4K@100 m)


16 x 16 Modular Matrix Switch


4K HDMI HDBaseT Receiver with Scaler (4K@100m) (HDBaseT Class A)


HDMI HDBaseT Extender (4K@100m) (HDBaseT Class A)


HDMI HDBaseT Extender with PoH (4K@100m) (HDBaseT Class A)


32x32 Modular Matrix Switch


USB DVI Dual View HDBaseT™ 2.0 KVM Extender (1920 x 1200 @100 m)


DisplayPort HDBaseT-Lite Extender (4K@40m; 1080p@70m) (HDBaseT Class B)


USB DVI HDBaseT™ 2.0 KVM Extender (Long Reach mode up to 1920 x 1080@150 m)


DVI HDBaseT-Lite Extender (1080p@70m) (HDBaseT Class B)


4-Port HDBaseT Output Board


4-Port HDBaseT Input Board


4 x 4 4K HDMI HDBaseT-Lite Matrix Switch


8-Port HDMI HDBaseT Splitter (HDBaseT Class A)


4-Port HDMI HDBaseT Splitter (HDBaseT Class A)


HDMI HDBaseT Extender (4K@100m) (HDBaseT Class A)


HDMI HDBaseT-Lite Extender with PoH (4K@40m) (HDBaseT Class B)

Also nominated: ATEN Hardware Control System

The ATEN Hardware Control System is perfectly fit for any new or existing room that needs integrated control of different hardware devices. Thanks to a customizable interface, being it digital or physical controls, the setting can be branded or personalized as desired. No matter how large the room or how complicated the hardware, deploying the ATEN Control System can be completed in 3 easy steps: connecting IT and audiovisual hardware to a central device (VK2100 controller), configuring the desired management profiles and settings (VK6000 software), and finally just enjoying simplified control.