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Choose 'ATEN' to simplify your signal distribution

ATEN provides a range of long-distance distribution technology of uncompressed HD multimedia content for signal distribution - utilising a range of HDBaseT matrix switches and extenders.

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Long Distance Signal Distribution

The HDBaseT technology is optimised for professional A/V installations and provides a simple and cost-effective solution that combines uncompressed ultra-HD video/audio, 100Mb Ethernet connectivity, USB2.0, 100W of power over cable and control signals through a single Cat 6/6a cable.
ATEN has joined the HDBaseT Alliance as an adopter member to deliver the added benefits of HDBaseT™ technologies to its products and regularly launch new HDBaseT long distance media/signal distribution solutions.

HDBaseT 5Play

The term 5Play groups the 5 key signals HDBaseT-certified products can support: audiovisual, Ethernet, power, USB and control signals (including infrared, serial commands and CEC).

Ultra HD and High Quality Audio

Ability to transmit 4K signal over a single cat cable of up to 70m without signal degradation or distortion and up to 40m with HDBaseT Lite. Supports Full HD, 3D and 4K x 2K, Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio.

Simplified Cabling

Implements HDBaseT™ extension technology to connect transmitter and receiver units over one single Cat 6/6a cable - it is also cost-efficient. ATEN offers Cat cables with model number 2L-2801 and 2L-2901.

POH (Power over HDBaseT)

Supplies power from the Switch to Receiver over a long distance via one Cat 6/6a cable.

Long Distance Transmission

Equipped with the HDBaseT transmitter or receiver chipsets it can distribute uncompressed Full HD video signals of up to 100m over a single Cat 6/6a cable. HDBaseT Lite models cover distances of up to 70m.

Flexible Control

Provides multiple control signals: CEC, RS–232, Ethernet, IR and USB2.0

Where is it used?

ATEN HDBaseT Solutions Video

ATEN Products with HDBaseTTM Technology

Modular Video Matrix Switch


32x32 Modular Matrix Switch


16x16 Modular Matrix Switch

VM7514 /VM8514

4-Port HDBaseT Input / Output Board

Video Matrix Switch


4 x 4 HDMI HDBaseT-Lite Matrix Switch VM3404H


9 x 9 HDMI HDBaseT-Lite Matrix Switch

HDMI Advanced Media Distribution Solution

VS1814T / VS1818T

4 / 8-Port HDMI HDBaseT Splitter


HDMI HDBaseT-Lite Receiver



HDMI HDBaseT Receiver

The ATEN HDBaseT Range


32x32 Modular Matrix Switch


HDMI HDBaseT-Lite Receiver with Scaler (1080p@70m) (HDBaseT Class B)


HDMI HDBaseT-Lite Extender with PoH (4K@40m) (HDBaseT Class B)


HDMI HDBaseT-Lite Transmitter with PoH (4K@40m) (HDBaseT Class B) (PoH PSE)


HDMI HDBaseT-Lite Receiver with PoH (4K@40m) (HDBaseT Class B) (PoH PD)


HDMI HDBaseT-Lite Extender (4K@40m) (HDBaseT Class B)


HDMI HDBaseT Extender (4K@100m) (HDBaseT Class A)


4-Port HDMI HDBaseT Splitter (HDBaseT Class A)


8-Port HDMI HDBaseT Splitter (HDBaseT Class A)


4 x 4 4K HDMI HDBaseT-Lite Matrix Switch


4-Port HDBaseT Input Board


4-Port HDBaseT Output Board

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