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These fixed I/O models offer a simple way to route AV signals from multiple sources to multiple displays; available in VGA/HDMI models, and up to True 4K HDR support.
These fixed I/O video matrix switches feature ATEN’s Seamless Switch™, video wall/scaler, and FrameSync technologies for an ultra smooth visual experience.
These fixed I/O models support HDBaseT and feature ATEN’s Seamless Switch™, video wall/scaler, and FrameSync technologies when used with applicable receivers.
These configurable matrix switches with hot-swappable I/O boards offer up to 16/32 I/O switching of multiple signal types, with removable fan and redundant power modules.
Easily manage ATEN Video Matrix Switches from any iOS / Android device with our mobile apps, as well as manage multiple devices with our Global AV Management Platform.


Special Topic

True 4K, HDR

Deliver vibrant video content in up to 4K@60Hz (4:4:4) resolutions and complete HDR support with ATEN True 4K Series with HDR.

Special Topic

Future-proof AV Management

Integrated multimedia distribution & control offers advanced access to manage multiple video sources and displays simultaneously.

White Paper

Seamless Switch™

Discover how we deliver the fastest professional AV content experience with ATEN's exclusive Seamless Switch™ technology.


ATEN FrameSync Technology

ATEN’s FrameSync Technology addresses screen tearing issues and provides high quality images without compromise.

Product Guide

ATEN Modular Matrix Solution

Configurable matrix switches with hot-swappable I/O boards that integrates video wall processing and matrix switching.

Product Guide

ATEN Video Matrix Series

Simplify the task of routing AV signals from multiple input sources to various output destinations in installations of any complexity.

Success stories

Artear – Video Walls, Argentina

As an innovator in the broadcasting industry in Latin America, Artear decided to build a state-of-the-art newsroom. This major project involved the cr...

Unione Confcommercio Milano – Conference Room AV Distribution Revamp – Italy

Unione Confcommercio Milano, one of the largest business associations in Italy, wanted to upgrade its 490-seat conference room, Orlando’s Hall, from a...

Epson - Multifunction Showroom, Taiwan

Epson established a high-end showroom with ATEN Modular Matrix and Video Extender solutions to showcase its flagship projectors with various interacti...