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Controllers, in the form of control boxes and control pads, serve as a central platform where all hardware devices connect in order to be controlled.
Expansion Boxes provide additional serial, IR, and relay ports to flexibly increase the number or type of connections to hardware devices in your installation.
Customized interfaces for controlling your hardware devices via touch panels and mobile devices with the ATEN Control System app as well as wall-mount faceplates.
Features Configurator Software and additional tools that enable easy set up of control settings and GUIs for use on any ATEN Control System interface.


Supported Devices

Driver Download

To streamline your setup process, access and download 3rd-party device drivers from this database of ATEN-certified drivers.

Training Videos

Basic Level

Learn the basics of setting up the ATEN Control System, from adding devices to designing the user interface, with these comprehensive 24-part basic-level training videos.

Training Videos

Advanced Level

This 31-part advanced-level training video series provides a comprehensive overview on how to create and use Flags, Variables, and Monitor Events for the ATEN Control System.

Special Topic

Control Made Simple

A control system is about technology collaboration, hardware-software integration, and bringing integrated control and system automation to your applications.

Product Guide

ATEN Control System

Select from the comprehensive ATEN Control System portfolio to build a solution configured for your application needs.


What is the ATEN Control System?

What do you need to create an environment for the perfect meeting, training program, or interactive video conference? Find out in this video!

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Artear – Video Walls, Argentina

As an innovator in the broadcasting industry in Latin America, Artear decided to build a state-of-the-art newsroom. This major project involved the cr...

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Elevens Bar & Grill desired a state-of-the-art solution of the 4K control and distribution system for the twenty screens across the two floors. The so...