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Innovating Meeting Spaces

Meetings have seen unprecedented innovation due to the latest great disruption, hybrid work, and have moved beyond simple conversations to include greater collaboration, interactivity, and engagement technologies. Yet it remains difficult to replicate the advantages of in-person brainstorming, ideation, mentorship, and wellness. When only one quarter of companies have established hybrid meeting etiquette1, the race is on to retool meeting rooms to meet the demands of the hybrid workplace.

Video Meetings in Huddle Rooms by 2024


By 2024, 75% of video meetings will happen in huddle rooms, defined by Frost & Sullivan 1 as spaces of 100-150 square feet & with a capacity of 4-6 people.

Feel Excluded from Meetings in 2022


According to a report from Microsoft 3, 43% of remote workers and 44% of hybrid workers say they don't feel included in meetings.

Video Meetings on Existing Platforms by 2025


By 2025, Gartner 2 predicts 50 percent of all enterprise virtual events will occur on video meeting platforms already deployed by businesses.

UC&C Market in USD by 2028


As reported by GMI 4, the unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) market is expected to surpass USD$100 billion by 2028.


Hybrid meeting space solutions must allow employees to work together better regardless of their location. A proactive approach from solution implementers is required to meet the pain points posed in terms of technology. Here are some of the key challenges:
  • Seamless Device Integration
    Diverse communication tools, third-party AV equipment, and control systems must be integrated into unified solutions that work together smoothly
  • Empower Participation
    Remote employees must be able to actively participate in discussions happening in-room so that all meeting attendees feel equally included
  • Connected Communication
    Meeting spaces must be fully functional for wired and wireless content sharing and provide various input interfaces for BYOD devices
  • Full Visual Immersion
    Meetings require increasing amounts of video content, so solutions must incorporate more displays and also increase the ways in which displays can be utilized
  • Interactive Collaboration
    As livestreaming and conferencing become essential meeting elements, video signal transmissions need to be bidirectional for fully interactive collaboration

As your partner for meeting spaces in the hybrid workplace 1, ATEN provides a wide range of solutions that are highly interoperable and can help to meet the challenges of the future of work.

ATEN Solutions

ATEN provides a wide range of meeting space solutions to meet the demands of how collaborations are being re-envisioned in the hybrid workplace:
  • Presentation Switch & ProAV Control Solutions for Hybrid Small Meeting Rooms
  • Presentation Switch, ProAV Control & Extension Solutions for Hybrid Meeting Rooms
  • Video Matrix Switch, ProAV Control & Extension Solutions for Hybrid Boardrooms
  • Video Matrix Switch, ProAV Control & Extension + Livestreaming Solutions for Hybrid Multifunction Spaces

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