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Evolving Access & Management

How are server room dynamics evolving? Global IT investments are being propelled by the surge in cloud services and optimization efforts, while the widespread adoption of AI is fueling the need for more powerful computing solutions. This means the server industry is on track for a robust expansion. The transition to hybrid and cloud-enhanced server environments calls for inventive management approaches to ensure agility, growth and energy efficiency in a swiftly changing tech landscape.

Size of Server Market in USD by 2027


By 2027, the server market is expected to be worth $195.6 billion 1, driven by a move towards application-optimized server configurations with many co-processors, such as AI training and video transcoding.

Average Yearly Cost to Power a Single Rack


With the proliferation of AI, the adoption of power-hungry GPUs, & the evolution of the IoT, HPC, & 5G industries, power consumption per rack will continue to rise.3

Average Rack Density by 2030


While high-cost AI servers are growing in penetration, global rack density in server rooms is also witnessing a significant surge, in both established markets and emerging regions. 2

Amount of Total Energy Required for Cooling


The amount of energy required for cooling remains a top concern. While centralized cooling remains popular, distributed cooling architectures are more flexible and likely to become the preferred choice. 4


Navigating post-pandemic IT challenges, businesses must adapt their infrastructure for enhanced efficiency. Key challenges for server room management solution providers include:
  • Developing scalable solutions that adapt to evolving business and customer application needs
  • Customizing solutions for industry-specific AI impacts
  • Driving business value through technological innovation, not just maintenance
  • Accelerating server room digitalization to boost IT/OT synergy
  • Implementing robust, multi-layered security to combat the rise in cyber threats
  • Optimizing efficiency to meet green energy targets while maintaining high availability
  • Streamlining remote management for superior user experience and BIOS-level control
ATEN stands at the forefront, offering innovative and sustainable management solutions tailored to empower businesses to thrive in this new era of diversified data management

Meeting AI's Demands

The proliferation of expensive and powerful AI servers requires a radical transformation in server management. These advanced servers necessitate environments that can swiftly adapt to increasing workloads, while maintaining optimal operational conditions to prevent overheating and mitigate failure risks.
  • Innovative Local Console Management: Enhancing Efficiency
    Local console management solutions like rack-mount KVM switches and LCD KVM consoles allow direct and consolidated control over multiple AI servers from a single console. This setup eliminates the need for a physical presence at each server rack, greatly enhancing operational efficiency, and significantly reducing response times to any issues that arise. The growing power requirements in server rooms driven by the AI boom also make 3-phase PDUs increasingly vital to maintaining operational stability at the local level at smaller locations.
  • Remote Console Management: Maximizing Flexibility and Security
    Remote console management through technologies such as KVM over IP switches offers the flexibility to manage and troubleshoot AI servers from any location. These solutions allow the servers to be located in secured facilities that do not require regular physical access, and provide secure, BIOS-level access without the need for server-side software, which increases security by reducing the attack surface. This capability is crucial for maintaining continuous operations, especially in geographically dispersed server environments.
  • Out-of-Band Management (OOBM): Ensuring Uninterrupted Service
    By providing extra redundant paths in the backup management network, OOBM solutions are essential for managing AI servers that are unresponsive or isolated from the main network due to system failures. Devices like serial console servers and KVM over IP switches enable technicians to perform critical recovery operations—such as reboots and configuration restores—outside the regular network channels, ensuring that server downtime is minimized and service continuity is maintained.

ATEN Solutions

Managing server rooms across different scales requires a layered approach, integrating fundamental management tools with advanced features to address the unique challenges presented at each level. From the simplicity of single-rack setups to the complexity of large server environments and the demands of AI-specialized infrastructures, the focus remains on efficiency, scalability, reliability, and security, ensuring the backbone of IT infrastructure remains robust and responsive to the needs of the business. ATEN offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for server room management, whatever the scale:
  • Local & Centralized Remote Access & Control Solutions
    Providing vendor-neutral BIOS-level and OOB access, enabling real-time updates and maintenance, streamlining the management of complex IT landscapes
  • Unified Remote Server + Switch Access & Control Solutions
    Integrating server & switch management, support a wide range of platforms and serial-based devices, fostering seamless operation
  • Intelligent Power Management Solutions
    Integrating with centralized server management systems, these prioritize energy efficiency, helping organizations meet their sustainability targets
  • Centralized Management Software
    Consolidating server room operations through centralized management and easy monitoring to help maximize uptime, optimize capacity planning & utilization, and boost overall efficiency and productivity

ATEN Solutions in Action

Optimizing Efficiency and Security in Nuclear Substations with Single-Rack Solutions

In a nuclear power plant substation, the demand is high for a compact server management solution within the limited server room space, enhancing seamless power transmission operations. This system should allow easy server switching and secure remote access, maintaining a continuous link with the electrical grid. Aimed at streamlining the control room and improving the Human System Interface, the solution should minimize the need for multiple displays, combining operator tasks to cut costs. It must also support extended reach for effective power management, crucial for the plant's startup and key equipment, ensuring operational reliability and efficiency.

ChallengesThe ATEN Solution
  • Needs to reduce the number of displays needed in the control room to achieve significant cost savings by controlling the whole rack with a single console.
  • Enhancing the Human System Interface (HSI) is crucial for ensuring that current and future operators can interact with the system intuitively, improving response times and decision-making accuracy.
  • Implementing long-distance extension capabilities is essential for maintaining control and oversight over critical processes.
  • Local Console Management
    Allows operator to manage up to 8 servers in the rack with one set of keyboard, touchpad, and monitor, lowering both initial investment and ongoing maintenance expenses.
  • Intuitive Operations
    Consolidates operator functions into a more streamlined system helps in reducing workload and potential for human error, while also facilitating quicker training for new staff.
  • Remote Console Management
    Users can operate the servers remotely from the operation center via HDBaseTTM, ensuring continuous and reliable server management


USB DVI HDBaseT™ 2.0 KVM Extender (Long Reach mode up to 1920 x 1080@150 m)


8-Port USB DVI Single Rail WideScreen LCD KVM Switch

Control Signal Distribution & VSAT Support for Large Deep-sea Fishing Trawler

A premier European seafood company is advancing its fleet with cutting-edge technologies for marine conservation and worker safety. A notable upgrade involved equipping a ship with an advanced server management and AV system in the bridge control room, enabling high-resolution consolidation of radar, vessel monitoring, and oceanographic data on the captain's screen. Crew members need to directly control server rack PCs from this central point, while IT technicians must have capability to remotely address technical problems through a satellite network, to ensure continuous operational efficiency and integrity of the vessel.

ChallengesThe ATEN Solution
  • The crew needs operate all the PCs in the server rack to safely sail the trawler and operate systems from the captain’s control desk.
  • IT technicians need to access the PCs from a remote site via satellite network if there is a technical issue that the crew cannot fix onboard.
  • The crew needs to monitor the output of radar equipment, vessel monitoring system, and oceanographic and atmospheric data visualization in one TV screen from captain control desk.
  • Local Console Management
    The KVM over IP switch provides a console port for the crews to access the PCs in server rack to maintain the vessel’s operational integrity.
  • Remote Console Management
    The KVM over IP switch provides remote access via satellite network for the IT technicians to fix the PCs’ problems.
  • Server Screen Monitoring
    The multi-view KVM switch facilitates real-time monitoring of multiple video sources from radar and board utilities on a single TV display in captain control desk to ensure both safety and efficient operations.


4-Port USB 4K HDMI Multi-View KVMP™ Switch


USB HDMI Virtual Media KVM Adapter with Smart Card Support


USB VGA KVM Adapter with Composite Video Support


1-Local/Remote Shared Access 16-Port Multi-Interface Cat 5 KVM over IP Switch

OOBM for Efficient 5G Infrastructure Troubleshooting in Smart Cities

A leading telecom operator is driving 5G smart cities and economic growth with advanced digital infrastructure, including a vast network of switches and servers in cloud centers. The network's complexity sometimes requires vendor engineers' on-site fixes, particularly when issues like corrupt configuration files make switches unreachable. To prevent service disruptions, there's an urgent need for an out-of-band management system. This would allow remote troubleshooting and repair, ensuring minimal downtime and boosting the reliability and efficiency of the infrastructure essential to the smart city ecosystem.

ChallengesThe ATEN Solution
  • The technicians need remote access to any serial console port on the network switches and servers, without the need to for on-site troubleshooting.
  • The technicians can manage all the network switches and servers centrally to achieve out-of-band management.
  • The centralized management software must comply with 4A standard (Authentication, Authorization, Account, Audit) requirements.
  • Remote Console Management
    Provides over IP access for users to access the console port of network switches and servers remotely.
  • Centralized Management
    Consolidates the management of all serial console servers and KVM over IP switches for authorized users to access the network switches and servers through a single portal.
  • High Security
    Supports centralized authentication and authorization with role-based policy for user access privilege control while consolidating device logs for audit.

CC2000 4.0

Centralized Management Software


48-Port Serial Console Server with Dual Power/LAN


1-Local/1-Remote Access 16-Port Cat 5 KVM over IP Switch with Virtual Media (1920 x 1200)


1-Local/4-Remote Access 32-Port Multi-Interface Cat 5 KVM over IP Switch


USB VGA Virtual Media KVM Adapter

Enhancing Data Control and Compliance in Banking through Scalable KVM Solutions

A prominent bank was looking for new, more adaptable solution for its IT hub that can accommodate future server expansions. The solution must enable IT managers to seamlessly and centrally access servers located in both the main and backup server rooms, located in different cities, from a centralized IT hub, without the necessity for individual remote desktop software installations on each server. The new data management solution must not only offer scalability to manage an increased number of servers, aligning with potential business growth, but also adhere to government mandates for compliance and auditing purposes.

ChallengesThe ATEN Solution
  • The IT managers need to access servers in main server room and backup server room remotely and centrally from the IT room without installing any remote desktop software on the servers.
  • In case of future business expansion, the KVM over IP switches should be expandable to manage more servers.
  • To remain in compliance with government laws and finance regulations, the bank needs to record screens and keep all operations logged for auditing purposes.
  • Centralized Management & High Security
    CC2000 consolidates management of all KVM over IP switches for agentless access to all servers through a single portal.
  • Scalable Design
    The KVM over IP switches are cascadable for future management of up to 512 servers.
  • Session Recording
    CCVSR automatically starts recording user sessions on target servers locally and remotely through the KVM over IP switch. All activities and operations on the servers, such as video display, key strokes, and mouse clicks are recorded.

CC2000 4.0

Centralized Management Software


1-Local/4-Remote Access 64-Port Multi-Interface Cat 5 KVM over IP Switch


Single Rail LCD Console (USB, HDMI / DVI / VGA)


Video Session Recording Software

Optimizing SCADA Server Management for Enhanced Oil Refinery Automation

A leading oil refinery processing 230,000 barrels daily sought a sophisticated SCADA server management solution to boost process automation. The goal was to enable both local and remote server control across four sites, streamlining data management from automation systems and sensor monitoring through long-range wireless technology. The challenge involved deploying a system for local server room management without PCs or laptops in control rooms for security, while supporting Full HD, rack-mount compatibility, and barcode scanner integration, aligning with the refinery's infrastructure and protocols

ChallengesThe ATEN Solution
  • To enable local and remote monitoring and control of process infrastructure and equipment statuses
  • For security reasons, no PCs or laptops are allowed in the remote site control room
  • Solution needed to support FHD for accurate information visualization
  • Required a full-featured yet small-size, space-saving solution with low power consumption
  • Local & Remote Console Management
    Allows real-time operation of SCADA servers locally and remotely through a single client device.
  • High Security
    A standalone Java-free console station eliminates security concerns of PCs/NBs and no remote desktop software is installed on the servers
  • Server Screen Monitoring
    Panel Array Mode allows information integration for optimized visualization of video output from all installed SCADA servers on one screen.


Dual HDMI KVM over IP Console Station


Ultra Short Depth Dual Rail WideScreen LCD Console (USB, HDMI / DVI / VGA)


1-Local/4-Remote Access 16-Port Multi-Interface Cat 5 KVM over IP Switch


USB VGA Virtual Media KVM Adapter

Digitalizing Testing & Development to Streamline Flash Memory Manufacturing

A prominent flash memory chip manufacturer aimed to optimize its lab operations, focusing on streamlining the testing and development processes. The challenge involved efficiently managing over a hundred PCs for software updates and testing protocols. The solution required an all-digital system that allowed engineers to remotely adjust BIOS settings, install software, and execute tests on multiple machines concurrently. Key to this was enabling simultaneous remote access for several engineers to ensure swift task execution and effective result analysis, enhancing overall productivity.

ChallengesThe ATEN Solution
  • Testing engineers must validate numerous PCs, simultaneously monitoring up to 8 and frequently adjusting BIOS settings on one for various tests.
  • Installing or updating software on each server is crucial for testing, with file transfer speed being vital.
  • Remote multi-user access to test PCs is essential due to the volume of PCs tested and subsequent result collection by engineers.
  • Multi-View Monitoring
    Panel Array ModeTM Live+ enables a livestream array view of all PC videos through an advanced WinClient viewer, offering simultaneous access to one for control.
  • Prompt Server Updates
    Enhances efficiency with virtual media transmission speeds 10x faster than traditional KVM, rapidly delivering ISO files and patches.
  • Remote Console Management
    Allows several engineers remote access, boosting productivity and reducing the need for frequent travel between the operation room and testing lab.


USB VGA KVM DigiProcessor


USB HDMI KVM DigiProcessor


32-Port KVM over IP OmniBus Gateway

Advancing Semiconductor Operations with Strategic Serial Console Server Upgrades

A leading semiconductor manufacturer was the process of upgrading its serial console servers used for out-of-band management of network switches within its fabrication facilities. The upgrade aims to empower the MIS administrator with the ability to remotely access, configure, and restore settings on any console port across the core, distribution, and access network switches. This will be facilitated through a unified, secure, and dependable management platform, ensuring that the administrator has secure access to the network switches via a management network distinct from the main production network, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and network security.

ChallengesThe ATEN Solution
  • The MIS administrator needs access to any console port on the network switches to change settings and restore configuration remotely.
  • The MIS administrator must be able to manage core, distribution, and access network switches in the fab plant through a single-portal, secure, and reliable centralized management system.
  • The MIS administrator needs to access all the network switches securely through a management network that is physically separated from the production network.
  • Remote Console Management
    The serial console servers provide remote over IP access for users to access the serial console port of network switch.
  • Centralized Management
    The CC2000 consolidates the management of all serial console servers through a single portal that is accessible from anywhere.
  • High Security
    In the management network, the MIS administrator can use serial console servers to access all the network switches through secured SSH connection for out-of-band management.

CC2000 4.0

Centralized Management Software


48-Port Serial Console Server with Dual Power/LAN

Strategic Solution for Enhanced Security and Digital Transformation in Government Treasury

A government ministry responsible for all treasury-related matters required a server management and control room solution for its new building. The finance ministry plays an active role in the promotion and implementation of government policy, so the solution not only needed to be highly secure, but also had to help to revitalize core assets as part of the government’s digital transformation strategy. The main server room is located on the 3rd floor, and server management and monitoring capabilities had to be split across two separate government departments in control rooms on different floors.

ChallengesThe ATEN Solution
  • Revitalize core technology assets as part of a government imperative to enable strategic change through digital transformation
  • Need to enhance information security and reduce amount of staff entering the server room
  • Required video walls for information visualization to be shared across separate floors for data analysis
  • Must incorporate both CCTV and environment monitoring capabilities
  • The ATEN over IP server management solution can be accessed and managed via CC2000 software, making it efficient for operators to control servers centrally via a single portal, while also permitting simultaneous monitoring of video output for surveillance, power, and environment monitoring via video walls located in control rooms on both floors. It provides flexibility and installation simplicity along with strengthened data security while critical information visualization and communication capabilities increase work efficiency and productivity. For extra security, user sessions are recorded.


1-Local/8-Remote Shared Access 64-Port Multi-Interface Cat 5 KVM over IP Switch

CC2000 4.0

Centralized Management Software


Dual HDMI KVM over IP Console Station


1-Local/4-Remote Access 32-Port Multi-Interface Cat 5 KVM over IP Switch


USB VGA KVM Adapter with Composite Video Support


Video Session Recording Software

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