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Innovating Learning Spaces

Traditional classroom teaching is being replaced by new and innovative teaching and learning activities. Interactive educational tools in smart classrooms are driving this transformation, supported by a proliferation of education technologies and propelled by the demands of hybrid learning in the new normal. All indicators suggest massive growth: the Global EdTech & Smart Classroom Market size is expected to reach USD$99.5 billion in 2021, and projected to grow at a CAGR of 19.34% reaching USD$241.58 billion by 2026. 1

Advancing Digital Education for the Next Generation

Education has always been the engine for long-term economic growth. It leads to greater productivity by sparking interest in science and progress in the next generation. And it is not only the classroom systems themselves that present opportunities for digital advancement. By fully utilizing new technologies in education, such as 5G, AI, and cloud computing, and integrating them into course development and education services platforms, we can help to ensure a better, brighter future for everyone.


For system integrators that want to supply smart classroom solutions, there are a number of broader issues based on education provider needs, learner demands, and user expectations that raise pain points and create challenges. These include:
  • Seamless Device IntegrationSolutions must integrate and work seamlessly with diverse Pro AV equipment, multimedia devices, and control systems in existing classroom solutions
  • Accessibility & CollaborationDevelop accessible approaches to learning that focus on the student experience, offering collaborative functions so interactivity can provide motivation and improve learning outcomes
  • Scalability & SecuritySolutions must be easily implementable yet scalable to meet sustainability targets while also offering security against cyber threats as more education services go online
  • Real-time Remote LearningMust provide reliable AV content delivery for synchronous learning in real time, and support content creation for remote learning as part of wider education services delivery platforms1

As your partner for Smart Classrooms in a hybrid-first world, ATEN provides a wide range of solutions that are highly interoperable and can help to meet these challenges.

ATEN Solutions

ATEN provides a range of AV and control signal transmission solutions, presentation switches, and livestreaming solutions. Either as standalones, or in combination, they provide numerous smart classroom solutions that meet the demands of interactive education applications at all levels. These solutions can be categorized as follows:
  • ProAV over IP Solutions for Scalable Interactive Classrooms
  • ProAV Matrix & HDBT Extender Solutions for PBL Classrooms
  • Presentation & Peripheral Switch Solutions for Hybrid Interactive Classrooms
  • Content Creation & Livestreaming Solutions for Broadcast Classrooms

ATEN Advantages

Why choose ATEN as your partner for Smart Classroom applications? ATEN solutions have the following advantages:

Pro AV & Presentation Solutions for Easy Integration into Educational Spaces

ATEN's smart classroom solutions provide the simplicity, video quality, and compatibility that systems integrators need to effectively utilize them as complete in-room solutions or integrate them into larger digital education systems.

BYOD Collaboration and Interactive Learning for Increased Engagement

ATEN solutions provide remote collaboration and interactive learning functions via in-room BYOD and interactive whiteboard functions as well as over-the-campus intranet to provide immediate insight into learning processes.

Pro-level Livestreaming for Fully Realized Hybrid & Remote Learning

ATEN solutions offer the means to transition classes online with dynamic effects and two-camera switching to allow for detailed educational content to be livestreamed to any platform to students located anywhere.

Intuitive Control, Ease-of-use, Multimedia Device Support

ATEN solutions allow anyone to effectively use educational Pro AV equipment without a learning curve, saving precious time in any learning environment, while multiple inputs and outputs are supported in the highest resolutions across all multimedia devices.

Commitment to Flexible, Easy-to-Implement Education Solutions

As an education solutions provider, ATEN understands that new tech always brings challenges, so our smart classroom solutions leverage AV over IP technologies that are flexible and scalable for a wide range of scenarios focused on keeping students engaged.

ATEN Solutions in Action

Multimedia Classroom for Industry-focused Vocational High School

A vocational high school that collaborates with industry and further education institutes wanted to upgrade its classrooms to provide students with a more convenient learning environment when utilizing educational resources. Their multimedia classrooms needed to provide one display to be shared between every two students so that each can watch lecture content clearly. Further main requirements for the multimedia classrooms were to improve teaching content accessibility, integrate interactive whiteboards to support joint focus in collaborative learning, and to be BYOD-enabled so teaching assistants and visiting instructors could bring their own laptops.

ChallengesThe ATEN Solution
  • Must integrate smoothly with SI’s proprietary control system that is used in many schools in the region
  • Deliver continuous video streams and stable transmission from a variety of Full HD HDMI input devices
  • Must support co-learning via electronic whiteboard for insight into the learning process
  • Must provide BYOD functionality for teachers and visiting instructors

Provides core media distribution and stable signals to the integrator control system in each classroom while enhancing video streams with ATEN Seamless Switch™ technology. Each student is able to view lecture content clearly on an independent display while the projector and student’s own monitor can show content from a variety of in-classroom presentation sources via HDBaseT splitters. Larger classrooms are equipped with higher port-count Video Matrix Switch models; audio de-embedding is provided by VC880.


HDMI HDBaseT-Lite Receiver (4K@40m) (HDBaseT Class B)


8-Port HDMI HDBaseT Splitter (HDBaseT Class A)


8 x 8 HDMI Matrix Switch with Scaler


HDMI Repeater Plus Audio De-embedder

Livestreaming Multi-input Classroom Presentations for Hybrid Learning

An adult education college that offered business-related classes for professionals was looking to boost the efficiency and impact of its teaching presentations with a solution that provided multi-format connectivity as well as remote teaching functionality when required. The solution needed to be conveniently controlled, to incorporate a variety of legacy and modern AV interfaces, to support 4K projectors and displays in-class, and also to allow highly detailed content to be livestreamed to professionals at home or work for synchronous learning. They also required an option to save the presentation content for their online teaching archives.

ChallengesThe ATEN Solution
  • Control switching of a variety of sources from an easily accessible area
  • Support projectors and displays located at up to 140 feet away from the source devices
  • Teaching presentation content needs to be both livestreamed and looped out in-class
  • Support for microphone input and flexibility to mix with other audio sources during livestreamed lessons

The ATEN VP1421 supports long-distance signal transmission via HDBaseT, embeds/de-embeds audio as required, and allows the switching of sources in-class directly via a contact closure remote pad. The UC9020 captures, edits, streams, and switches between the teaching presentation content and the in-class camera, and combines these two input sources into a livestream controlled by via an iPad. This can be streamed to two platforms at once or recorded as a session to a local USB drive.


HDMI & VGA HDBaseT Transmitter with EU Wall Plate / PoH (4K@100m) (HDBaseT Class A) (PoH PD)


4-Key Contact Closure Remote Pad


4 x 2 True 4K Presentation Matrix Switch with Scaling, DSP, and HDBaseT-Lite


StreamLive™ HD All-in-one Multi-channel AV Mixer


HDMI HDBaseT-Lite Receiver with PoH (4K@40m) (HDBaseT Class B) (PoH PD)

Interactive 4K Learning for Professional Coding Classroom in Museum Learning Space

To meet a growing need to teach coding classes for professionals and to bring computing out of the lab and into more informal learning spaces, a museum of science and industry was setting up new computer science classrooms for adults. Each coding classroom is equipped with 30 student stations, all with PCs, an instruction area with three interactive smart panels, and a small control room with racks and space for an operator. The museum intends to add more classrooms in the future and wants the option for more PCs, video conference systems and VR devices.

ChallengesThe ATEN Solution
  • Each classroom requires 30 student stations equipped with PCs and three 4K smart panels for teaching
  • There is a limited amount of power outlets available in the classrooms so PoE is required
  • USB control channel is necessary for 4K smart panel compatibility and operations
  • Must align with the museum’s plans for future expansion and be highly flexible and scalable

The solution offers bi-directional content and display transmission between the instructor and the students, allowing students to focus fully on content, to share work results and discuss collaboratively with the instructor. With USB functionality, students can share content on the main screen while the instructor can simultaneously operate the students’ computer via touch input on the smart panel. The system is built on standard network architecture and offers high expansion flexibility for current use and for adding extra devices in the future.


4K HDMI over IP Transmitter with PoE


4K HDMI over IP Receiver with PoE


ATEN Control System - Control Box

Multiple Intelligent Classrooms for Interactive Course Development, Production & Sharing

In order to facilitate interactive course sharing among campuses, a higher education establishment was looking to install a variety of intelligent classrooms throughout a building with 5 floors that networked with their education recording and broadcasting system. There are a total of 40 classrooms, each with a capacity for 60-70 students, including intelligent classrooms for science research and interactive classrooms equipped with a high resolution recording system for recording lecture content for post production. Other intelligent classrooms utilize an interactive education system composed of laser projector, e-white boards and magnetic white boards.

ChallengesThe ATEN Solution
  • Facilitate research and discussion via a range of intelligent classrooms, each tailored to specific requirements
  • Distribute HDMI signals for multiple touch screens, e-whiteboards, magnetic whiteboards, and laser projectors
  • Output a wide variety of in-class education technology video signals to a network across 5 floors and 40 classrooms
  • Must merge with larger digital education network for interactive course sharing between campuses

The intelligent classroom technology is customized based on the needs of different disciplines, so an ATEN VM5808H in each classroom provides close-to-zero second switching between the wide variety of HDMI source devices and interactive displays. It functions as the core in-classroom AV distribution system that merges into the system integrator’s larger networked system and the education resources management platform. The in-classroom devices are controlled by the ATEN Control System via an intuitive interface.


8 x 8 HDMI Matrix Switch with Scaler


ATEN Control System - Control Box

Presentation System and Control Room for PBL Classrooms in Medical University

A medical university was establishing a brand new state-of-the-art building for the purposes of medical research into biotechnology and artificial intelligence in partnership with a government innovation project. The new building needed a solution for 15 PBL classrooms for students to study and take exams that allowed teachers to interact with students in the classroom as well as to observe the classrooms from the PBL monitoring control room. The solution needed to integrate with both the system integrator’s components as well as the NVR system to provide the highest quality signal displays.

ChallengesThe ATEN Solution
  • 4K presentation transmission system for 15 PBL classrooms for medical research students
  • Integrate and control presentation content, camera and mic input with NVR servers for observation of the problem-solving process
  • The hardware devices in the classroom need to be managed remotely
  • Instructors need to view the presentation source signal and the camera source simultaneously

The ATEN presentation solution integrates with the touch panel, teacher’s PC, and the presentation preview monitor via the system integrator’s in-classroom control system. Via the ATEN control system on an iPad in the classroom and in the PBL monitoring room, instructors can view the activity in each of the classrooms at the same time, using the VP1920’s PiP/PoP support to also view the camera feed, and also control the devices in the classroom remotely.


ATEN Control System - Control Box Gen. 2 with Dual LAN


9 x 2 4K Presentation Matrix Switch


4K HDMI/DVI to HDMI Converter with Audio De-embedder


4-Port Serial Expansion Box

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