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Compliant with stringent security requirements for secure defense and intelligence installations, featuring secure port switching, strict audio filtration, configurable device filtration on keyboard/mouse ports and up to 4K video quality.
Designed to meet security requirements for applications in the Government/Healthcare/Finance industries, featuring data channel isolation, restricted peripheral connectivity, user data protection, and more.
Certified and validated to Common Criteria EAL 2+ security requirements to ensure maximum information security while sharing a single set of HIDs (keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, etc).



Safeguard Data Access
Boost Network Security

ATEN Secure KVM Switches are specifically designed to enforce stringent desktop security


Secure KVM Switches White Paper

Take advantage of ATEN Secure KVM Switches to make the strategic choice to beat cybersecurity threats


ATEN Control Room KVM Solutions

Integrating control, collaboration, and communication for efficient control room workflows