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Release Note

Welcome to KE6900/KE6940 DVI KVM over IP Extender
Notice: Before downloading the software , be sure to read the following information carefully.
This latest version contains corrections to the last version and additions to the next version. You will find them listed below.
Version History
v2.2.213Improve system stability.
v2.2.212Support fully CCKM R3.1 Features
v2.1.205Support part of CCKM R3.1 Features Change preview of Array Mode
v2.1.204Fixed mouse & default issues.
v2.1.2011. Support CM1284 connecting to KE6900R/KE6940R.
2. Support KN dongles connecting to KE6900R/KE6940R.
Must with dongle’s latest fw
v2.0.1991. Support CM1164 connecting to KE6900R/KE6940R
2. Support 2XRT-0015G Access Control Box.
v2.0.198Support CN8600 connecting KE6900R/KE6940R.Must with CN8600 V1.0.090 or later
v2.0.195Support CCKM R3 Features, Boundless Switching, Copy & Paste, Replace, Video Wall Layout, Intelligent Dual Video Output Management, and Push/Pull.Must with CCKM V2.1.202 or later.
v2.0.193KE69 Series Receivers support KN8 Series.
v2.0.1911. Support KE8950/KE8952(V1.4.134 or later) and KE6900ST(V1.1.103 or later).
2. Improve Compatibility for External HD.
v1.4.1341. Support ATEN enhanced password history
2. Fixed USB channel didn’t connect properly
3. Optimize video performance
4. Set the default mode to Graphic mode
v1.4.1321. New R2 features
2. Cut RX signal when TX PC power off or no signal
3. Support cascade CN8600
4. Change DHCP as default setting
v1.3.1231. Improve VGA detection
2. Support USB CD-RW recording
3. Fix OSD display abnormal
v1.3.1221. Add redundancy server feature
2. Support multi-view feature
3. Support UC10KM (PS/2 to USB converter)
4. Upgrade OpenSSL to 0.9.8zc
v1.2.111Initial Release