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Optimizing Availability

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kanazawa University was forced to restrict entry of students and researchers to the campus. Due to detrimental effects this would have on the education of students of the careers of young researchers with fixed-term contracts, it therefore became imperative to establish an environment in which important research could resume and continue while still complying with the government’s strict social distancing guidelines.
The technical staff of the Instrumental Analysis Division of the Engineering and Technology Department of the University investigated ways to meet all necessary requirements, and the university decided to implement a software-installation-free over IP system based on the ATEN CN9600 KVM over IP Switch to allow remote access to research equipment such as electron microscopes and more.

We intend to utilize the CN9600’s remote operation features to optimize equipment utilization and technical cooperation in order to better respond to analysis requests from companies.

Dr. Hironori Sugiyama

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