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Talents are the most vital part in enterprise operations, and it is only by attracting talent with a friendly, competitive, and organized environment that an enterprise can continually grow and thrive.

One of ATEN's core values, caring with respect, has been revealed throughout the development of ATEN's ever-ripening professional management and development of human resources: respect for our profession, respect for diversity, and respect for differences, while caring for clients, employees and the disadvantaged. As well as advantageous compensation, ATEN provides an educational and challenging work environment, emphasizing both achievement and a yearly award system. ATEN has been standing firm since 1979 as a result of our faith in pursuing achievement and sharing in the fruits of success, which has inspired everyone at ATEN to do their utmost for ATEN's CSR.

ATEN keeps to the principle of sharing profit with employees. Under the premise of mutual aid and incentivizing, a diverse and competitive compensation policy has been designed: a reasonable compensation strategy has been drawn up with reference to participation in the industry salary survey and changes in prices as well as ATEN's own operational situation to the extent allowed by the law. This sustains a competitive compensation level and incentivized bonuses and a dividend-sharing system so as to attract, retain and incentivize outstanding talent. In addition to the standard Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and year's end bonuses, ATEN pays awards and dividends on the basis of operational indices and uses them as a basis for the awarding of bonuses in addition to group aim achievement and individual performance.

ATEN has an independent, autonomous Workers' Benefit Committee in operation, which regularly organizes domestic and international travel, birthday cakes, Christmas parties and other activities. Employees can also seek a balanced lifestyle by participating in group activities. ATEN also strives to provide outstanding benefits, providing employees with benefits in the areas of food, clothing, residence, banking, education, music and other areas, allowing every employee to win perfect care while working: we have healthy, delicious lunches; fashionable and practical seasonal uniforms; a comfortable and clean office environment; convenient parking spaces, outstanding travel subsidies and a comprehensive insurance plan. We also have paid vacation time in excess of that legally required (12 days), paternal leave for male employees (4 days), pregnancy test leave for female employees (16 hours); we deliver gifts featuring ATEN's cultural characteristics, commendation and gratitude ceremonies for senior and retired employees, which also allow employees and their dependents to experience the sincerity with which we care for our employees.