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ATEN Remote Working Solutions

Telecommuting and remote working have become increasingly popular in today’s workforce. Remote working also reduces the cost for office space and commuting expenses; it is also a feasible solution for employees to work from home during natural disasters or hazardous situations.

BYOD Collaboration

Online meeting platforms rely heavily on the server status from their providers. With ATEN seamless presentation switches, you can easily join in a meeting that’s hosted from your company’s meeting room from anywhere with access to the network and share your content simultaneously and securely using your own device for efficient on-demand BYOD collaboration.

Secure Remote Work

ATEN's KVM over IP switches allow remote access of digital video, audio, and virtual media via remote control of a PC or workstation to provide an affordable and durable over IP server management solution while assuring users with operational dependability and efficiency. Your HQ's resources can all be within easy reach of your home office.

Livestreaming Teaching

Learn without being at school! ATEN’s CAMLIVE™ Video Capture and StreamLive HD All-in-One Multi-Channel AV Mixer can be helpful to teachers to simplify streaming workflow and by allowing users to easily adapt a camera for any application and platform. Students will be able to attend your classes from anywhere in the world.

Production Efficiency

To increase production efficiency while working from home, ATEN offers Sharing Switches and USB docking stations that can seamlessly control two systems and share data between devices; they also help to expand connectivity and create simplified, productive workspaces for any desktop environment.

BYOD Collaboration Presentation Switch

  • Stream from any BYOD device
  • Simultaneous bi-directional multistreaming: stream-in presentation content from your laptop or mobile device, or stream-out presentation content in real-time to participants
  • Real-time whiteboard annotation, instant-chat and file sharing
  • Quad view flexibility with auto layout: allows up to 4 streamed-in sources to be displayed in quad view on a single screen

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Remote AccessKVM over IP

  • Secured remote data access with data encryption
  • Dual LAN and Dual Power for redundancy
  • Bios-level access with no software installation required and no computer virus concerns
  • Authorized virtual media function supports file applications and software installation
  • Supports PC video resolution up to 1920 x 1200

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Remote Teaching Multi-Channel AV Mixer

  • All-in-one design to simplify streaming workflow; teachers can use an iPad to download the intuitive OnAir app for preview and program monitoring, changing video layout in Full Screen/PBP/PIP settings, adding image and subtitle overlays, and using smooth scene transitions for a professional finish without the need for additional video editing software
  • Storyboard-like management: preset up to 8 scenes for use while streaming and during performances to reduce the need to interact with hardware
  • Switching between presentations & cameras to enhance interaction
  • PC-free and software-free with plug-n-roll capability

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Video Capture

  • Captures unencrypted HDMI video signal from a camcorder or DSLR up to 1080P@60, better than any 1080P webcam
  • Supports live video streaming, webcasting, and video conferencing via platforms such as video editing software, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), Xsplit, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Skype
  • Plug & Play: Supports UVC/UAC v1.1

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Productive Workspaces Sharing Switch with Power Pass-through

  • Share Devices with 2 Computers: You only need one set of keyboard, monitor, and mouse to seamlessly control two systems and share data without complicated network-based setups
  • Share without Boundaries: supports cross-system data transfer, including Windows to Mac, Mac to Mac, and Windows (newer version) to Windows (older version) or vice versa
  • Mouse Switching allows users to effortlessly move the mouse cursor across the screen border and onto the target computer to switch control without clicking a button

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1-Local/Remote Share Access Single Port DVI KVM over IP Switch


Seamless Presentation Switch with Quad View Multistreaming


StreamLive™ HD All-in-one Multi-channel AV Mixer


2-Port USB-C Gen 2 Sharing Switch with Power Pass-through


CAMLIVE™ (HDMI to USB-C UVC Video Capture)


7 x 3 Seamless Presentation Matrix Switch with Scaler, Streaming, Audio Mixer, and HDBaseT


1-Local/Remote Share Access Single Port VGA KVM over IP Switch