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Three Reasons Why Hardware Beats Software for Remote Work

Remote work is here to stay but entirely software-based solutions present various issues that a hardware-based solution can avoid.

Remote work, whether fully WFH or as part of hybrid work models, is here to stay and that means lots of remote work software. Yet depending entirely on software-based solutions leaves you and your organization vulnerable to threats that hardware-based solutions don’t face.

Since 2020, this vast change in work habits has driven the need for new technologies and solutions. Demand for video conferencing has grown, for example, and could continue growing. The global video conferencing market size was USD$3.02 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach USD$6.37 billion by 2026, according to Fortune Business Insight’s Video Conferencing Market Analysis.That’s a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.8% during the forecast period.

Generally speaking, individuals and organizations have been turning to cloud-based software for hybrid and WFH solutions, and these can be helpful, but they also suffer from issues that a hardware-based solution doesn’t. In this article we’ll look at some areas where hardware beats software for hybrid and WFH work.

Challenges of Remote Work Software

The problems that remote work software present include risks to security and reliability. Below we’ll take a look at these problems in more detail and outline how a hardware-based remote solution can get ahead of them to keep employees and organizations on track from anywhere.


In the wake of stay-at-home orders across various nations, many individuals and organizations turned to wholly software-based teleconference solutions and VPNs to bridge the communication and workflow gap.

System administrators who need secure access to servers from home require a different solution than just software. The ATEN CN series of Single-port over IP KVM switches allow you to directly access HQ resources from home with over IP security. This hardware-based solution keeps your data and workflow secure from end to end, something a software solution cannot guarantee.

This hardware solution offers BIOS-level access, and there is no need to install extra computer software for it to run. This has the knock-on effect again of added security as there is less risk of your computer getting a virus or malware with said software. The hardware’s remote access path is separated from the operation network, so there is no data leakage concern, no backdoor, and thus no way for would-be hackers to break in.

The ATEN CN series offers a secure connection for remote work that stops would-be threat actors dead in their tracks.

With said KVM, system admins also have access to event logging that records all activity. This feature leaves a trail of user activity for admins to see, or triggers a system alarm that sends an email immediately in case of suspicious activity.

Likewise, the KVM over IP Switch integrates with Control Center Video Session Recording Software (CCVSR) for both live monitoring and operation trackback. With this, system admins can monitor multiple KVM ports in real time and track any abnormalities or emergencies.

Video meetings have become ever-present but they don’t need to be security or reliability risks for individuals and organizations.

Video meetings are everywhere these days, but what if you want to hold internal meetings that observe social distancing and keep your data secure? In this instance, a LAN-connected hardware solution can help. The VP2120 Seamless Presentation Switch with Quad View Multistreaming does not pass meeting data through any third-party cloud servers. The Seamless Presentation Switch instead connects to your existing network to ensure corporate IT security. Thus, users simply log in with a randomly generated room code that is given only people to who are granted access to the meeting.

Seamless Presentation Switch with Quad View Multistreaming (VP2120)

Like with an over IP KVM, using a LAN-based presentation switch means organizations are not wholly dependent on third-party servers and their bandwidth and security issues. The Seamless Presentation Switch with Quad View Multistreaming uses its own app and web GUI interface that does not bear the same usership burdens as the most commonly used video conferencing platforms.


Relying completely on software-based solutions also leaves individuals and organizations at the mercy of that platform’s bandwidth and security limitations. However, the Single Port DVI KVM over IP has over IP functionality, which means you have a direct connection to your PC at your company no matter where you are. With built-in virtual media, this device also allows for remote file transfers, diagnostic testing, and OS and applications updates and patches.

In addition, this KVM is compatible with platforms including Windows, Mac OS, Sun, Linux, and VT100-based serial devices. Besides connection reliability, the Single Port DVI KVM over IP features dual LAN and dual power for power backup to keep your devices running in case of power failure.

With a presentation switch such as the Seamless Presentation Switch with Quad View Multistreaming, meeting attendants are not dependent on a third-party video conferencing platform. Whereas the latter uses large amounts of data and bandwidth, and unstable connectivity, a LAN-based meeting solution simply does not.

ATEN Solutions for Hybrid Workplaces

ATEN specializes in flexible, easily deployed solutions for hybrid and remote work to future-proof organizational productivity and meet the needs of both employers and employees. These include:

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  • Hybrid meeting room solutions for enhanced collaboration and productivity in enterprise and education
  • Livestreaming solutions for pro-level streaming content that’s easy to make for educational, enterprise, and content creation purposes

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