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Release Note

Welcome to GN0116 Guardian Over the NET™
Notice: Before downloading the software , be sure to read the following information carefully.
This latest version is cumulative and includes the corrections contained in all previous revisions. There is no need to install previous version if you are installing this one.
Version History
v1.0.094Improve system performance 
v1.0.0931. Added Support for Windows Vista and Windows 7
2. Added Support for up to 150 units of GN0116
3. Optimized database to enhance performance
4. Added feature of setting threshold by time
5. Added feature of over threshold device management
6. Added feature of setting days for automatic deleting logs
7. Modified feature of sending email; to send email once when sensor reported values change status
8. Support Windows Vista and Windows 7
1. When using IE8 or later, please use “ Compatibility view ”
2. One server can run either GMC or Altusen GN0116 V1.6, these two management software can’t work at the same time
3. When managing over 20 units of GN0116, please wait at least 10 minutes for GMC initial
v1.0.086Added support for Windows 2000 SP1, SP2 and SP3. 
v1.0.085Initial Release.