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Informacja o wydaniu

Welcome to KL1108V/KL1116V Dual Rail LCD KVM over IP Switch
Notice: Before downloading the firmware, be sure to read the following information carefully.
This latest version contains corrections to the last version and additions to the next version. You will find them listed below.
Version History
V1.3.124New Features
- Supports Java-free HTML5 WebClient viewer
- Supports 4x3 layout in Panel Array of WinClient, JavaClient, WebClient and the local.
- New UI theme
- New intuitive icons for Control Panel
V1.2.112New Features
- Compatible with a new KVM adapter (KA7183) supporting USB C connection of target server.
- Supports defining engine ID used by SNMPv3 entities for identifying each KVM switch.
- Supports updated firmware V1.7.162 for KA7166, KA7168 and KA7169 KVM adapters.
- Supports updated firmware V1.0.098 for KA7183, KA7188 and KA7189 KVM adapters.
- Fixes issue that local console may occasionally display a black screen or no picture.
- Roll back OSD hotkey default setting to [Scroll Lock][Scroll Lock].
- Supports allowing for up to 32 characters user password
V1.2.111New Features
- N/A
- Supports Turkish local console keyboard.
- Adding an additional option, "OFF", as the default setting for OSD Hotkey.
V1.1.109New Features
- N/A
- Fixes display color cast issue.
- Better compatible with SNMP v3 supporting enhancement of authentication and privacy protocol.
V1.1.107New Features
- N/A
- Fix video alignment issue.
V1.1.106New Features
- N/A
- 4096-bit private signed certificates supported.
- Security improved.
V1.1.103New Features
- Supports KN Console Station (KA8270, KA8278, KA8280, KA8288)
- Support French keyboard language
- Update KA adapter’s FW (Please refer to Note for details)
KA7166 V1.6.158
KA7168 V1.6.158
KA7169 V1.6.158
Improves login security mechanism
Improves display color calibration
V1.0.0631. support MIB file
2. Enhance local console compatibility
V1.0.061Initial release.