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Welcome to CC2000 Control Center Over the NET
1. Before updating, please back up system configuration to avoid any potential data loss from unforeseen issues arising during the update.
2. Before downloading the software, be sure to read the following information carefully.
This latest version is cumulative and includes the corrections contained in all previous revisions. There is no need to install previous version if you are installing this one.
Version History
v3.1.301New & Enhancements:
1.Database migration utility (from v2.8.x to v3.1.x only)
2.Added “Device Settings” in Device Management for editing the settings of the selected device from CC2000
3.Added “Chat” in task bar for online chat
4.Added “Recent” in sidebar menu to keep a list of recently accessed or operated devices
5.Allowed users with Auditor type to export, import, and print logs
6.Improved RDP and Putty connection issues
7.Improved the performance issue of database replication task
Bug Fixes:
1.Database replication failure.
Known issues:
1.CC2000 JavaRDP Client does not support Windows 10/ Server 2016, 2019
* Before using database migration utility, please check CC2000 user manual for the details first
* Support list of Device Settings:
- KN2116VA/KN4116VA/KN2124VA/KN4124VA/KN1132V/KN2132VA/KN4132VA/KN8132V/KN2140VA/KN4140VA/KN4164V/KN8164V/KN1108VA/KN1116V/KN1000A
- KL1108VN/KL1116VN/KH1508Ai/KH1516Ai/KL1508Ai/KL1516Ai
- CS1708i/CS1716i/CL5708Ni/CL5716Ni
- CN8000A/CN8600
- SN0108CO/SN0116CO/SN0132CO/SN0148CO/SN9108CO/SN9116CO/SN0148/SN0132/SN0116A/SN0108A/SN9116/SN9108/SN3101
- PE series, EC2004/EC1000
- APC PDU (AP79xx, AP89xx, AP86xx)