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Command Agility, Control Evolution

Control rooms have always been the dynamic nerve centers of organizations that adapt and reconfigure to support evolving needs, and the last few years have been no exception. While the control room’s core purpose, to effectively visualize data to improve situational awareness and support collaborative decision-making, remains paramount, catalysts such as the pandemic, massive digitalization, and the explosion in data to be analyzed have forced us to re-imagine faster and better solutions. The control rooms of the future are here.

Security Control Room Market in USD by 2028


The Security Control Room market exceeded USD$4.5 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to grow at over 6% CAGR from 2022 to 2028, as reported by GMI. 1

Increase in AI & Machine Learning Adoption


Researchers 3 highlight 85% of responders citing they used/were looking to adopt AI-assisted analytic systems to enhance control room operations.

Savings from Optimizing Ergonomics at the Console


Adopting a human-centered approach to control room console design can save thousands of work hours per year when aggregated to the whole system level. 2

Control Room LED Displays More Energy Efficient


Direct view & fine pitch LED displays meet the demanding requirements for command and dispatch center control rooms and are up to 75% more energy efficient than LCD panels. 4


An explosion of new data sources in tandem with networking advances has created many new possibilities and some unique challenges for control room solution providers. Here are some of the key challenges:
  • More Data requires More Screens, More Flexibility
    More screens and larger video walls are required for effective data visualization, along with multiple display options such as split screens and zooms for flexible monitoring.
  • Informed Decision-making requires Intuitive Multi-system Access
    Access to controls should be intuitive in order for operators to stay agile while monitoring multiple subsystems so that data can be processed quickly and resources can be rapidly deployed.
  • Decentralized Workflows require Collaboration Technologies
    Prompt collaboration, data sharing, and troubleshooting tools between workstations and the video wall are needed for streamlined workflows that include field-based remote workers.
  • No Interruption of Service requires Reliable 24/7 Operation
    Control rooms must be supported by reliable technology with back-up and redundancy mechanisms for equipment, power, and network that support ever-shifting workflow priorities.

ATEN Solutions

ATEN provides a wide range of control room solutions that are perfectly suited to mission-critical applications where secure KVM over IP agility, real-time monitoring, and ergonomic desktop operations are demanded, including command centers, emergency response centers, broadcasting NOCs, ATC towers, and production line monitoring.
  • KVM over IP Switch & KVM over IP Matrix Solutions for Monitoring
    For situational awareness to monitor system status for abnormalities and to ensure that faults can be debugged immediately.
  • Video Matrix Switch, KVM over IP, & Control System Solutions for Reporting
    To gather experts and competent authorities, provide information to persons in charge, and discuss optimal strategies.
  • KVM over IP Matrix & Cat. 5 Extender Solutions for Dispatch
    To dispatch front-line support as quickly as possible after operators are notified of an incident in the field.
  • KVM over IP Switch & KVM over IP Matrix Solutions for Operations
    To perform workflows that require high concentration and efficiency in order to ensure the smooth functioning of an overall process.

ATEN Solutions in Action

Control Rooms for City Surveillance, State Police

The State Police in Turin, Italy, required a system of new public surveillance control rooms to improve public safety and coordinate crime prevention efforts on a day-to-day basis, while also being able to double as operations rooms for major events, such as football matches, international summits, or crisis control scenarios.
They needed a solution that took into account the importance of visualization and information integration for fast decision-making and responses in these situations, so that they could improve operational flexibility with control room operators monitoring different urban areas, allowing them to inform agents in the field in real time.

ChallengesThe ATEN Solution
  • Mass Media Distribution Multiple video walls were to be installed in three different control rooms with a wide variety of source devices.
  • Remote Access Operators needed to instantly access any of the computers, which were stored safely in a separate server area
  • Easy to Manage Operators without any technical knowledge need to be able to control the video wall in each control room.
  • Centralized Control Centralized control via a dedicated, custom-designed interface on handheld devices
  • Real-time Monitoring Connects a large amount of screens and sources for real-time monitoring of feeds from multiple cameras in various locations
  • Improved Workflows A unified, intuitive and workflow-based user environment that is highly flexible, configurable, and responsive


DVI-I Single Display KVM over IP Transmitter


DVI-I Single Display KVM over IP Receiver


32x32 Modular Matrix Switch


HDMI HDBaseT-Lite Receiver with Scaler (1080p@70m) (HDBaseT Class B)


ATEN Control System - Control Box

SCADA System Control for Process Automation, Oil Refinery

An oil refinery with the capacity to process around 230,000 barrels of crude oil per day needed a solution that allowed operators to control SCADA servers both locally and remotely in order to manage large amounts of information from their process automation systems. The facility has server rooms at four separate sites that, in addition to running various automated processes, also monitor downstream sensor information via long range wireless. The server rooms required local control functionality, but for security reasons, no PCs or notebooks were allowed in the remote site control room, while the solution also had to support FHD, be rack-mountable, and support barcode scanners.

ChallengesThe ATEN Solution
  • Process Monitoring To enable local and remote monitoring and control of process infrastructure and equipment statuses
  • Secure Solution For security reasons, no PCs or notebooks are allowed in the remote site control room
  • High Definition Visuals Solution needed to support FHD for accurate information visualization
  • Convenient Installation Required a full-featured yet small-size, space-saving solution with low power consumption
  • Dual-view Display Dual-view console stations allow for real-time monitoring of process flow with simultaneous operation
  • Panel Array Mode™ Allows information integration for optimized visualization of video output from all installed SCADA servers on one screen simultaneously
  • Hardware-based Security Standalone 0U hardware client device component eliminates security concerns of PCs/NBs
  • Visual Clarity Supports HDMI at FHD resolution of 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz for accurate monitoring


Dual HDMI KVM over IP Console Station


Ultra Short Depth Dual Rail WideScreen LCD Console (USB, HDMI / DVI / VGA)


USB DVI Virtual Media KVM Adapter with Smart Card Support


1-Local/4-Remote Access 16-Port Multi-Interface Cat 5 KVM over IP Switch

Control Room for Traffic Management, Municipal Government

A large city in Southeast Asia has an increasing number of tourists each year. Due to the growth in the number of cars on the road, traffic incidents, and other related crimes in the city, the municipal government decided to implement an upgrade of the digital surveillance system on the city’s main streets to monitor public areas and to help ensure public safety via a centralized control room. Other vital tasks to be undertaken include proactive real-time traffic signal management to avoid congestion and providing video support for law enforcement.

ChallengesThe ATEN Solution
  • Centralized Monitoring Real-time monitoring of surveillance footage from cameras located around the city and transmitted to the control room
  • 4K HDMI Video Wall High-quality video transmission for a multi-screen video wall with support for up to 4K resolutions
  • Ultra-Smooth Transitions Real-time switching of sources with stable and continuous streams for quick incident detection and optimal response
  • Multiple Input Resolutions Surveillance infrastructure is to be rolled out in stages so a mix of 5MP and 4K cameras needs to be supported
  • Seamless Switch™ Enables real-time control and zero-delay switching between multiple sources for uninterrupted surveillance while transitioning from one video source to another
  • Centralized Control Provides multiple built-in control interfaces, including serial, Ethernet, pushbuttons, an award-winning GUI, and a control app
  • Video Wall with Scaler Delivers smooth, synchronized video rendered at optimum output resolutions with uncompromised precision across the video wall
  • Stunning 4K Displays crystal-clear, stunning images up to 4K with the fine details required for fast event analysis and law enforcement support


4K HDMI HDBaseT Receiver with Scaler (4K@100m) (HDBaseT Class A)


32x32 Modular Matrix Switch


2-Port 4K HDMI Splitter

Tactical Operations Center for Military Command & Communication

A government defense ministry wanted to establish a new tactical operations center that was designed around a large, main video wall with extra displays, optimized for reporting. Quick switching between AV sources was imperative, since commanders rely on the video wall for real-time reports on dispatch status and all combat resources. They were looking for a flexible solution that was able to be easily and quickly customized to support the fast-paced display needs required for effective decision-making efficiency. Furthermore, stability and reliability are vital in military control rooms, so the solution needed to provide backup mechanisms to suit the 24/7 operational needs.

ChallengesThe ATEN Solution
  • Video Wall for Information Visualization HDMI video wall was needed to clearly present images and information sent back from the front line for immediate response processing
  • Flexible Access The AV distribution should be simple to control but cater to a wide range of display configurations, while also facilitating fast switching between video sources in real-time
  • Uninterrupted 24/7 Operation The system requires high availability and information visualization cannot be interrupted during critical operations
  • Customized Configuration Options Integrates different video input and output interfaces and encode the various formats to deliver customized flexibility and video wall configuration options
  • Seamless Switch™ This exclusive ATEN technology ensures smooth transitions when switching video wall sources and close-to-zero second switching for continuous and reliable video streams
  • Reliable Power Redundancy Design Dual power supply design provides the reliable power redundancy that is critical for the 24-7 operations of a military control room


HDMI to VGA Adapter


16 x 16 Modular Matrix Switch


2-Port 4K HDMI Splitter


2-Port VGA Splitter (350MHz)

Information Visualization for Disaster Relief & Rescue Center

A government organization planned to relocate its Disaster Relief and Rescue Center to a new building. As the front-line contact window in the event of emergencies, the center must be able to dispatch personnel and vehicles quickly and properly allocate all relief resources. Since this was a new build, a dedicated server room was set up, with two teams of personnel working in the main control room and a second conference room. The status of disaster relief and resource information needed to be displayed on the main control room video wall for real-time monitoring to increase efficiency and avoid delays, as well as a separate meeting room video wall for overview procedures.

ChallengesThe ATEN Solution
  • Information Visualization Multiple system images must be simultaneously displayed in different spaces, with switching between critical image content as delay-free as possible
  • Man-machine Separation Extend the signals from the server room to the control terminals in the disaster relief center at distances up to 70 m
  • Flexible Operation Modes A single console must be able to operate multiple servers at the same time to execute the shortest possible dispatch windows, while teams must also be able to share critical information
  • 24/7 service uninterrupted During the execution of critical dispatch tasks system operation cannot be interrupted, and so a backup mechanism must be provided
  • Versatile Video Wall Extension & Control Native video wall functionality offers outstanding flexibility and scalability, with a visually-lossless image experience and 0.3 second Fast Switching
  • Boundless Switching Operators can simply move the mouse cursor across screen boundaries to switch between different receivers (Rx) to operate the keyboard and mouse on the connected systems
  • Supports both Collaboration & Centralized Control Operators can push and pull shared content across displays for optimized cooperation, while KE receivers can be grouped for single console operation and control
  • Primary-Secondary Backup Architecture When any CCKM server fails, the backup server can still ensure the continuous operation of the system and ensure 24/7 availability


DVI-I Single Display KVM over IP Transmitter


DVI-I Single Display KVM over IP Receiver


4-port USB 2.0 CAT 5 Extender (100m)


KVM over IP Matrix Manager

New Control Center for Air Traffic Control System Optimization

As part of a regional modernization effort to maximize safety while handling increased air traffic, a civil aviation agency upgraded its existing control center and built a new center and server room with the latest ATM (air traffic management) system in order to enable their airspace capacity to be fully optimized. Along with the new FDP (flight data processing) system, they also needed to install a new HMI (human/machine interface) for 2K x 2K radar data display and monitoring. The old and new centers are connected through IP network optical fiber, and the controllers needed to remotely operate the old and new servers.

ChallengesThe ATEN Solution
  • Remote Access to Integrated Systems To provide reliable access to ATM/FDP information systems from multiple workstations to enable the air traffic controllers to perform data analysis and incident reconstruction
  • Ergonomic Workspace Due to limited tower space, to provide the controllers with a comfortable working environment, the centralized servers needed to be located on a lower floor
  • Flexible Equipment & Access Expansion Requires flexible operation access and unlimited scale deployment with options for further RJ45 and SFP expansion
  • Multiple Consoles, Flexible Access Provides flexible local and remote access to critical information systems through a diversified KVM product selection that meets the different budget needs of the new and the old towers
  • Real-time KVM over IP Operation With sub-0.3 second switching between different remote sources on the control room displays, operation feels like a direct connection to the servers with extremely low latency
  • High Usability & Integrability Easy to deploy with user-friendly software that integrates with third-party ATM and FDP systems to provide extension for visually lossless data visualization


2K DVI-D Dual-Link KVM over IP Receiver with Dual SFP


8-Port USB DVI Single Rail WideScreen LCD KVM Switch


1-Local/Remote Share Access Single Port DVI KVM over IP


KVM over IP Matrix Manager


8-Port USB DVI Dual Link/Audio KVM Switch

Media Management & Visualization for Production & Broadcasting

A vocational high school that collaborates with industry and further education institutes wanted to upgrade its classrooms to provide students with a more convenient learning environment when utilizing educational resources. Their multimedia classrooms needed to provide one display to be shared between every two students so that each can watch lecture content clearly. Further main requirements for the multimedia classrooms were to improve teaching content accessibility, integrate interactive whiteboards to support joint focus in collaborative learning, and to be BYOD-enabled so teaching assistants and visiting instructors could bring their own laptops.

ChallengesThe ATEN Solution
  • 24/7 Delivery of Services Ensure smooth delivery of services and fault detection for production and broadcast workflows by monitoring outgoing playout, service loads, and studio equipment health in the highest image quality
  • Flexible Access Operators need to use one console to flexibly operate servers with different functions to manage simultaneous workflows
  • High Information Security Since they offer studio services and server rack units for the content of private companies and public agencies alike, the system must maintain the highest levels of security and accountability
  • Superior Video Quality Visually lossless compression provides a perfect image quality experience in DVI at Full HD resolutions to avoid image editing misjudgments
  • Boundless Switching Operators can simply move the mouse cursor across screen boundaries to switch between different receivers (Rx) to operate the connected systems
  • Maximized Collaboration Efficiency Operators can push and pull to instantly share content across displays for optimized cooperation on broadcast operations
  • CCVSR Supports automatic recording of remote-accessed computer operations that are completely transparent and use a proprietary file format suitable for broadcasting regulatory compliance


DVI-I Single Display KVM over IP Transmitter


DVI-I Single Display KVM over IP Receiver


1-Local/4-Remote Access 16-Port Multi-Interface Cat 5 KVM over IP Switch


KVM over IP Matrix Manager


USB VGA/Audio Virtual Media KVM Adapter

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