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Adopt a console station instead of a PC console

KVM over IP switches (KN series) offer out-of-band (OOB) management that enables IT, administrators, to manage network devices (e.g. server, storage, router/switch) in server rooms. With remote access, generally, a Windows or a Java Client on a PC is utilized. However, a Console Station can provide more benefits than a PC in terms of :

Space and Power-Saving with Fanless Design

Console stations feature a 0U space-saving compact design; they can be mounted in a standard 19” rack or even sit on a desk. Their low power consumption and fanless design mean much less operating power, noise, and exhaust than a PC.(KA8270/8280: 4.66W; KA8278/8288: 6.53W)

Centralized Management of Multiple KN Devices

Console stations can centrally control up to 256 KN devices from one login session for greater productivity. Dual-display models (KA8278 / KA8288), with one display for monitoring and the other for operating the server, can further improve your working efficiency.

Panel Array Mode™  to Monitor Multiple PCs Simultaneously

IT managers can now monitor up to 64 PCs within a single window through Panel Array Mode™. This also allows for customizing the display content from different KN devices to offer even more flexibility.

More Reliable and Higher Security

The ATEN Console Station boasts a metal case and features a proprietary ATEN operating system, eliminating desktop PC virus concerns. ATEN's exclusive technology for connection to the remote PCs also provides multiple benefits, such as easy deployment, high compatibility, and is a Java-free connection.