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How Isochronous USB Transfer Can Improve Your KVM Experience

Optimise your point to point video conferencing when using UVC cameras & audio peripherals.





Isochronous USB data transfer is the transmission type of choice to optimize peripheral performance in many applications because it ensures a continuous and steady flow of data and levels of bandwidth and latency by focusing more on time-critical data delivery and less on complete or absolutely accurate data delivery.


This makes it particularly well-suited for time-sensitive applications, such as streaming audio and video in real-time. For example, isochronous mode is commonly used by USB video class (UVC) cameras, as well as for audio devices such as speakers, headsets, and microphones. These video conferencing capabilities via isochronous USB have great use in control room applications such as broadcasting NOCs (network operation centers) and even eSports.



Full article: https://www.aten.com/global/en/resources/feature-articles/how-isochronous-usb-transfer-can-improve-your-kvm-experience/