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Controlling Machine Tools

An Italian SI, who develops and builds computerized numerical control (CNC) work centers with multiple operator consoles, wanted to build a SCADA PC system with access from 5 different operator consoles. All console workstations needed to be equipped with a touchscreen and a keyboard with touchpad and were allowed exclusive access to control machine tools on a one-at-a-time basis.

The SCADA PC, where the CCKM KVM over IP Matrix Manager software is installed, enables or restricts access from each workstation during a period of at least 10min. An automation PLC manages the ports. This all happens through machine-to-machine communication and frees up manpower for additional tasks while allowing for precise results on a repeatable basis.

ATEN was able to provide custom firmware to replicate RS232 over TCP/IP for a more robust setup for the machine-to-machine protocol

Supported by ATEN KVM over IP Matrix System

Connection Diagram

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