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3 Tools You Need to Enhance your eSports Broadcasts and Livestreams

Deliver gaming broadcasts at 1080p@240Hz with 1 ms response time, extend video in arenas, and livestream various events

The eSports world continues to grow leaps and bounds from native video game teams to traditional sports such as soccer and basketball joining the esports fray. Esports monthly viewers are estimated to grow to 29.6 million in 2022, an 11.5% increase from 2021, according to Insider Intelligence. With that increasing fan base comes larger investments, more mainstream attention, and a greater demand for professional esports broadcasts. Delivering said broadcasts at the video quality level that fans expect requires the right solutions in place so that broadcasters never miss a beat.

Unlike other broadcast avenues, esports viewers expect high refresh rates in addition to high resolutions. Broadcasters, meanwhile, need fast and precise functionality at their fingertips in the broadcasting control room, including the ability to switch between multiple PCs, output high-resolution video content, streamline their workflow, and more.

1. Delivering What eSports Viewers Demand

While a sports fan and viewer of football, for example, expects 4K video these days, gaming audiences are different in that they’re focused on Hertz and frames per second. Most monitors output at a 60 Hertz (Hz) refresh rate but many gamers have gone from choosing 120Hz to 144Hz and now even 240Hz, which means 240fps. Esports players, especially those playing first-person shooters (FPS) and now some fighting games, need at least 120 frames per second (fps), so eSports broadcasters need to be able to transmit signals at these standards.

KX9970 models allow for eSports broadcasting at 240Hz, as well as Boundless Switching, Panel Array Mode, and 12-bit Deep Color.

The ATEN 5K DisplayPort KVM over IP Extender (KX9970) allows for broadcasting of 1920x1080 @240 Hz / 2560x1440 @144 Hz 1ms eSports content to audiences watching worldwide. Broadcasters can seamlessly switch between in-game content and players without experiencing any significant lag while doing so, too. They can also get real-time monitoring of multiple sources with ATEN’s Panel Array Mode with up to 6 x 6 layouts on one screen.

This device also simplifies and improves upon eSports broadcasting workflows thanks to features such as Boundless Switching, which allows broadcasters to simply move their mouse cursor across screen boundaries to switch between receivers. With the KX9970, broadcasters can create multiple video walls up to 12 x 12 up to a maximum of 144 displays, and they can then “Push” and “Pull” content instantly from a receiver or video wall with just one click for faster sharing, collaboration, and troubleshooting.

Boundless Switching allows eSports broadcasters to simply move their mouse cursor across screen borders and onto target computer displays to switch computer control, as well as “push” and “pull” screen content.

Broadcasting eSports calls for fast, stable workflows and that means technical difficulties need to be kept to a minimum during broadcasts. To that end, the KX9970 features a dithering mode to optimize compatibility with various graphics cards. EDID Expert™ prevents video compatibility issues caused by different monitors, while the device’s power/network failover ensures constant transmission.

As part of a KVM over IP Matrix System, it also allows for effortless, centralized management of all extender connections via CCKM, the KVM over IP Matrix Manager’s web GUI, or an iPad app.

KX9970 deployment is flexibly scalable, allowing point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, multipoint-to-point, and multipoint-to-multipoint installations.

2. Uncompressed Signal Extension is Key in eSports Arenas

The thrill of an in-person eSports competition lies in the competitors, the crowd, and the venue’s ability to broadcast the action clearly on large screens and in real time. To do that in large venues with the best results means using uncompressed signal extension, especially with HDBaseT.

VE1843 features the latest HDBaseT 3.0 technology, allowing users to easily configure the unit to be a transmitter or receiver depending on the AV solution they need.

A device such as the ATEN True 4K HDMI / USB HDBaseT 3.0 Transceiver (VE1843) extends uncompressed True 4K HDMI signals up to 100 meters over a single Cat 6a cable and uses HDBaseT 3.0 standards to do so. It supports superior video quality up to 4096 x 2160 @ 60 Hz (4:4:4) up to 100m/328ft, and supports refresh rates up to 240 Hz for connected displays.

An engaging eSports arena experience requires video extension so that attendees and contestants can easily follow the event.

VE1843 also acts as a transmitter and a receiver in one unit so that installers can easily set it to the direction (Tx / Rx) required when deploying it with video matrix switches, splitters, and more. Installation complexity is also streamlined thanks to its use of a Cat 6A U/FTP cables to extend signals including video, audio, RS-232, Gigabit Ethernet, and USB 2.0 for easily managing remotely located equipment.

3. Livestreaming for Everyone

Esports and livestreaming go together hand in hand, and it’s not just big competitions in eSports arenas that get streamed. Twitch streamers and even smaller scale eSports events can be livestreamed, but doing so requires some technical know-how and potentially expensive equipment. If you want to add lower-thirds and switch cameras live, things get a bit more complex still.

With a device such as the StreamLIVE Pro though, a single user can fairly easily livestream gaming and esports simultaneously on two OBS platforms with scene presets, switch between two HDMI sources, edit graphics on the fly, and more.

StreamLIVE PRO is an innovative all-in-one 4-port HDMI AV mixer, packed with direct streaming, direct recording, and scene-based switching capability.

4. Leveling Up Your eSports Delivery

Whether it’s broadcasting an eSports event, holding an eSports competition in an arena, or livestreaming gaming, these solutions can help you to take eSports experiences to the next level.

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