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Control Room KVM Solutions for Comprehensive Remote Operations

In order for control room operators to stay alert and in control as well as collaborate with each other, It is imperative to extend hardware lifecycle and performance reliability by locating machinery away from operators while access to control remains intuitive. ATEN KVM over IP Switches in combination with KVM over IP Console Stations are easily integrated into existing IP networks for advanced device management that ensures the 24/7 availability of remote access to all control room assets from anywhere on LAN/WAN with ease, without the need to invest in setting up a dedicated network.

Control room deployment is as flexible as connecting a single-port KVM over IP switch (CN Series) to each computer as a transmitter (Dedicated Setup) or aggregating multiple computers to a high density KVM over IP switch (KN series) in a simplified installation (Aggregated Setup); both setups can then be managed via a console station (KA82 Series) with secured remote access, ensuring network agility without compromising control room productivity. Resilient KVM over IP setup enables time-efficient installation and also accommodates a range of budgets associated with diverse control room requirements.

Flexible Architecture

KVM over IP Switches (KN/KL/CN series) and Console Stations (KA82 series) can be flexibly installed in 1-to-1, 1-to-many, many-to-1 or many-to-many setting as required.

High Scalability

Console Stations can control up to 256 KN/KL/CN Series devices and manage up to 16384 servers from one login session for optimal productivity.

Broad Compatibility

ATEN KVM over IP Switches feature 1/8/16/24/32/40/64 port connectivity, as well as common interfaces including VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort and serial.

Rigid Security

Console station features ATEN's proprietary OS and exclusive technology to establish secure, Java-free remote connections while safeguarding desktop PC from virus concerns.

Bus-sharing Design

The multi-interfaced KVM over IP Switches aggregate device connections to a shared bus to facilitate device management with secured remote access.

Enhanced Collaboration

Console station operators can share the screen display among each other or to a common shared display within the network for better collaboration.

Boundless Switching

Allows the mouse cursor to move across up to 4 screens between 2 console stations for prompt switching among different PCs.

Panel Array Mode

Performs real-time monitoring of multiple video outputs simultaneously on one screen in a grid of up to 64 panels.


Facility Situation Room
Traffic Management Center
Broadcasting Distribution
Utilities Process Control Center

Solutions in Action


Aggregated Setup

In scenarios where the number of demanded servers is high but operating staff is low, installing a KVM over IP Switch with high port density and a console station (e.g. KN8164 + KA82 Series) is ideal. All computer connections can be aggregated to the KVM switch on a shared bus. Individual server transmitters are not required, providing budget-friendly control room setup for streamlined network operation without further investment in extra hardware.


Dedicated Setup

In situations where access to specific servers is fundamental at anytime, connecting a single-port KVM over IP Switch to each server is suggested for such network requirements. Each server will have its own bus/channel available for any receiver connection, providing straightforward and dedicated server management in a control room environment.

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