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Smooth Animation

Moonshine Studio is an artist-centric VFX (Visual Effects) company that specializes in animation production for clients. The enterprise boasts a team of over a hundred animation designers, with each designer requiring an animation workstation, dual monitors, and a keyboard-mouse set for their animation creation.
To optimize the secure storage of sensitive data and prevent leakage of animation design files, they hope to centralize all animation workstation computers in a server room while allowing designers to operate the workstations from their desks.
Given that the animation workstations come with dual displays that use the DisplayPort interface, and considering that the farthest distance between a designer's desk and the server room is about 70 meters, they chose the ATEN USB DisplayPort Dual Display HDBaseT™ 2.0 KVM signal extender. This setup ensures that vital corporate data remains protected through a human-computer separation model.

The ATEN CE924 allows our designers to easily operate the animation workstations right from their desks, greatly enhancing data security.

Joe Chou, Information Director of Moonshine Animation Studio

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