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Digitization in the Lab

A leading clinical testing provider in Japan offers comprehensive laboratory services, including specialized analysis and medical research. To support the digitization of medical information and expand into new fields like food hygiene testing, environmental analysis, and genetic analysis, they aimed to streamline their research and analysis workflows. However, a significant portion of clinical data had to be manually collected from specialized equipment lacking LAN ports, such as serial-interfaced coagulation analyzers. This not only increased the risk of human error during data input but also led to delays in analysis results and increased waiting times for patients and doctors. To overcome this challenge, the laboratory required a solution that would enable networking of devices through serial-to-Ethernet connectivity, allowing direct transmission of results to the centralized Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system.

The SN3001’s serial-to-Ethernet connectivity allows the units to be deployed in different laboratory branches and all data is remotely collected for analysis by the centralized EMR System.

Supported by ATEN KVM Secure Device Servers

Connection Diagram

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