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USB DVI-I Single Display KVM Over IP Receiver

MSRP: Quote Upon Request
  • Superior video quality – up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz; 24-bit color depth
  • Flexible connections - allows multiple extender and matrix conections for Multi-Display installations and Video Wall applcations
  • Supports Digital and Analog video output.
  • Push and Pull - share content instantly by just one click

ATEN is well known for delivering innovative technologies that drive connectivity and access management solutions. As such, we introduce the new Altusen™ KE6900 DVI KVM Over IP Extender that brings together a unique blend of features and new technologies that offer the ultimate solution for extending computers to consoles on or off your IT infrastructure.

Utilizing expertise in Over IP KVM solutions, the KE6900 series is an IP based DVI KVM Extender that allows access to a computer system from a remote USB console (USB keyboard, USB mouse, DVI monitor) anywhere over an intranet. The KE6900 Single View Extender supports one DVI display at each end.

The DVI KVM Over IP Extender consists of a Transmitter unit that connects to the computer and a Receiver unit that provides console access from a separate location. The computer is accessed from the remote console over a standard TCP/IP network via Cat 5e cable that allows point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and multipoint-to-multipoint administration. This is perfect for use in any type of installation where you need to place the console where it is convenient, but you want the computer to reside in a secure location - away from the keyboard, mouse and display in use. As a Matrix Extender it can connect single/multiple: computers-to-consoles in several ways: one-to-one (Extender mode), one-to-many (Splitter mode), many-to-one (Switch mode), or many-to-many (Matrix mode).

The Matrix Manager® software provides advanced features for username/password authentication, autodetection of all KE6900 devices on the same subnet and define connections that can be switched and shared. New security features also provide extra protection, supporting AES-128bits encryption for secured data transmission, while RADIUS, LDAP, AD or remote user authentication provides added layer of connection security. With an OSD, RS-232 support, and Auto MDIX, the KE6900 is the most cost-effective and convenient way to get a full digital extension from anywhere on the intranet.

For the latest list of compatible network switches, please visit: ATEN Support Center for more information.

*The power adapter and power cord for this product are sold separately. For more information about this accessory, see Accessories.

Package Contents

  • 1x KE6900 DVI KVM Over IP Extender (Receiver)
  • 1x Power Adapter
  • 1x User Instruction
  • ATEN Matrix Link – allows you instant link transmitters and receivers, and perform real-time port and profile switching on an iPad
  • Boundless Switching – simply move the mouse cursor across screen boundaries to switch between different receivers (Rx)
  • Remotely access computers on your KVM installation via intranet
  • Dual console operation – control your system from both the transmitter and receiver USB keyboard, monitor, and mouse consoles
  • RS-232 serial ports – allows you to connect to a serial terminal for configuration, and serial devices such as touchscreens and barcode scanners
  • Superior video quality – up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz; 24-bit color depth
  • Supports standard VGA resolutions from 640x480 to 1920x1200 at 60Hz
  • OSD (On Screen Display) on the Receiver configures both units
  • Remote login security
  • DVI digital and analog monitor support
  • Built-in 8KV/15KV ESD protection and 2KV surge protection
  • Supports stereo speakers and stereo microphone
  • Auto-MDIX - automatically detects cable type
  • Supports widescreen formats
  • Support High-Quality Video streaming
  • High speed USB Storage Transmission support
  • Hot pluggable
  • Rack Mountable
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • An industrial-grade power adapter included – supports operating temperature of 0°C - 50°C to ensure durability and adaptability under harsh environmental conditions
Keyboard / MouseUSB
USB Port2 x USB Type A Female (White)
Console Ports2 x USB Type A Female (White)
1 x DVI-I Female (White)
1 x Mini Stereo Jack (Green)
1 x Mini Stereo Jack (Pink)
1 x DB9 Male (Black)
KVM PortsN/A
Power1 x DC Jack (Black)
LAN Ports1 x RJ-45 (Black)
OSD1 x Pushbutton
Video1 x Pushbutton
Graphics1 x Pushbutton
Reset1 x Semi-recessed Pushbutton
10/100/1000 Mbps1 (Green / Orange)
Power1 (Blue)
Local1 (Green)
Remote1 (Green)
Power ConsumptionDC5V:6.9W:58BTU/h

● The measurement in Watts indicates the typical power consumption of the device with no external loading.
● The measurement in BTU/h indicates the power consumption of the device when it is fully loaded.
Operating Temperature0–50°C
Storage Temperature-20–60°C
Humidity0–95% RH, Non-condensing
Physical Properties
Weight1.25 kg ( 2.75 lb )
Dimensions (L x W x H)22.75 x 17.16 x 5.48 cm
(8.96 x 6.76 x 2.16 in.)
Video ResolutionUp to 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz
NoteFor some of rack mount products, please note that the standard physical dimensions of WxDxH are expressed using a LxWxH format.

DescriptionVer.Release DateFile Name
Firmware Upgradev2.2.2192024-05-08 ke6900-ke6940-v2.2.219.zip
Firmware Upgradev2.2.2182024-01-29 ke6900-ke6940-v2.2.218.zip
Firmware Upgradev2.2.2162022-12-27 ke6900_ke6940_v2.2.216.zip
Firmware Upgradev2.2.2152022-04-28 ke6900_ke6940_v2.2.215.zip
Firmware Upgradev2.2.2142022-03-22 ke6900_ke6940_v2.2.214.zip
Firmware Upgradev2.2.2132021-08-19 ke6900_ke6940_v2.2.213.zip
Firmware Upgradev2.2.2122021-03-16 ke6900_ke6940_v2.2.212.zip
Firmware Upgradev2.1.2052020-02-12 ke6900_ke6940_v2.1.205.zip
Firmware Upgradev2.1.2042020-02-04 ke6900_ke6940_v2.1.204.zip
Firmware Upgradev2.1.2012019-03-27 ke6900_ke6940_v2.1.201.zip
Firmware Upgradev2.0.1992019-02-11 ke6900_ke6940_v2.0.199.zip
Firmware Upgradev2.0.1982018-10-31 ke6900_ke6940_v2.0.198.zip
Firmware Upgradev2.0.1952018-03-15 ke6900_ke6940_v2.0.195.zip
Firmware Upgradev2.0.1932017-11-23 ke6900_ke6940_v2.0.193.zip
Firmware Upgradev2.0.1912017-08-31 ke6900_ke6940_v2.0.191 .zip
Firmware Upgradev1.4.1342016-04-20 ke6900_ke6940_v1.4.134.zip
Firmware Upgradev1.4.1322015-11-12 ke6900_ke6940_v1.4.132.zip
Firmware Upgradev1.3.1232015-02-11 ke6900_ke6940_v1.3.123.zip
Firmware Upgradev1.3.1222015-01-09 ke6900_ke6940_v1.3.122.zip
Firmware Upgradev1.2.1112014-08-18 ke6900_ke6940_v1.2.111.zip
ОSDescriptionVer.Release DateFile Name
Firmware Upgrade Tool
Firmware upgrade toolv1.2.1132021-12-21 FirmwareUpgradeTool_Setup_v1.2.113.zip
Firmware upgrade toolv1.1.1062018-01-09 FirmwareUpgradeTool_Setup_v1.1.106.zip
IP Installer & Utility
IP Installerv1.4.1342018-03-22 IPInstaller_v1.4.134.zip
IP Installerv1.4.1322014-09-23 IPInstaller_v1.4.132.zip
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