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Warranty Policy

A+ Product Warranty

  • ATEN offers thirty-six(36) months warranty for A+ model from the date of shipment.
  • This service is available only in the country where the ATEN product is purchased.
  • Not apply to products purchased in Australia or New Zealand.
    For further information, please contact your local ATEN sales representative.


Only the following products are covered by the A+ Warranty

Cat 5 KVM Switches KH1508A, KH1516A, KH1532A, KH2508A, KH2516A
Desktop KVM Switches CM1164A, CM1284
KVM over IP Switches KA8270, KA8278, KA8280, KA8288, KG0016, KG0032, KG1900T, KG6900T, KG8900T, KG8950T, KG9900T, KH1508Ai, KH1516Ai, KN1000A, KN1108VA, KN1116VA, KN1132VB, KN2116VA, KN2116VB, KN2124VA, KN2132VA, KN2140VA, KN4016VB, KN4024VB, KN4032VB, KN4116VA, KN4124VA, KN4132VA, KN4140VA, KN4164V, KN8032VB, KN8064VB
KVM Extenders KE6900AiT, KE6900AR, KE6900AT, KE6900R, KE6900ST, KE6910, KE6910R, KE6910T, KE6912R, KE6912T, KE6920ATC, KE6920R, KE6920T, KE6922R, KE6922T, KE6940AiT, KE6940AR, KE6940AT, KE8900SR, KE8900ST, KE8950R, KE8950T, KE8952R, KE8952T, KE9900ST, KE9950ATC, KE9950R, KE9950T, KE9952R, KE9952T, KX9970FR, KX9970FT, KX9970R, KX9970T
KVM over IP Matrix System ES0154, ES0154P
LCD KVM Switches / Consoles CL3884NW, KL1108V, KL1116V, KL1508A, KL1508Ai, KL1516A, KL1516Ai
Remote Control & Monitoring Solutions CS231TK, KA7171AK, KA7174, RCM101A, RCM416, RCM416A, RCM416VA, RCM432VA, RCM464V, RCM464VA, RCM816, RCM816A, RCMA200SA, RCMDP101U, RCMDVI00AT, RCMDVI00BT, RCMDVI101, RCMDVI40AT, RCMDVI40BT, RCMDVI50T, RCMHD101U, RCMVGA101
Serial Console Servers SN0108CO, SN0116CO, SN0132CO, SN0148CO, SN1116CO, SN1132CO, SN1148CO, SN9108CO, SN9116CO
Professional Audio/Video
Audio AD004E, AD400E, AP106, AP206, AP212, AP901, AP902, AS104, AS106, AS108
Control System VK0100, VK0200, VK108US, VK1100A, VK112EU, VK1200, VK2100, VK2100A, VK211, VK2200, VK224, VK236, VK248, VK258, VK320, VK330
Networked AV VE66DTH, VE8900R, VE8900T, VE8950R, VE8950T, VE8952R, VE8952T, VE8962
Presentation Switches VP1420, VP1421, VP1920, VP2020, VP2021, VP2120, VP2420, VP2730, VP3520, VPK104, VPK312
Room Booking System VK401, VK430
Video Matrix Switches VM0202H, VM0202HB, VM0404HA, VM0404HB, VM0808HB, VM1600A, VM3200, VM3250, VM3404H, VM51616H, VM5404H, VM5404HA, VM5808H, VM5808HA, VM6404HB, VM6809H, VM7104, VM7404, VM7514, VM7584, VM7604, VM7804, VM7814, VM7824, VM7904, VM8514, VM8584, VM8604, VM8804, VM8814, VM8824, VS0202
Video Switches VS0201, VS0401, VS0801A, VS0801H, VS0801HB, VS261, VS291, VS381B, VS481B, VS481C, VS482, VS482B, VS491
Video Extenders VB100, VB800, VB802, VB905, VE150A, VE150AR, VE156, VE156R, VE156T, VE157, VE170, VE170Q, VE170R, VE170RQ, VE172R, VE1801AEUT, VE1801AUST, VE1812, VE1812R, VE1812T, VE1821, VE1830, VE1843, VE1901AEUT, VE1901AUST, VE2812AEUT, VE2812AT, VE2812AUST, VE2812PR, VE2812R, VE3912T, VE44PB, VE600A, VE601, VE601R, VE601T, VE602, VE606, VE606R, VE606T, VE607, VE781010, VE781020, VE781030, VE7831A, VE7832A, VE7833, VE7833A, VE7834A, VE7835A, VE800A, VE800AR, VE801, VE801R, VE801T, VE802, VE802R, VE802T, VE803, VE805R, VE806, VE807, VE809, VE810, VE811, VE811R, VE811T, VE812, VE812R, VE812T, VE813A, VE814A, VE814AR, VE814AT, VE816R, VE829, VE849, VE849T, VE882, VE883A, VE883AR, VE883AT, VE883R, VE901, VE901R, VE901T
Video Converters VC010, VC060, VC080, VC1280, VC160A, VC180, VC182, VC480, VC486, VC812, VC840, VC880, VC881, VC882
Video Splitters VS0102, VS0104, VS0108HB, VS0110HA, VS0116, VS1204T, VS1208T, VS132A, VS134A, VS138A, VS146, VS162, VS164, VS172, VS174, VS1804T, VS1808T, VS1814T, VS1818T, VS1824KIT, VS1828KIT, VS182A, VS182B, VS184A, VS184B, VS192, VS194, VS82H, VS92A, VS92DP, VS94A, VS98A
Video Wall Processors VW3620, VW784, VW884
Accessories VK102
Power Distribution & Racks
Rack PDU PG95230, PG95330, PG96230, PG96330, PG98230, PG98330
Serial Connectivity
Secure Device Servers SN3001, SN3001P, SN3002, SN3002P, SN3401, SN3401P, SN3402, SN3402P


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