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Accelerated Replacement RMA

Service Overview :

ATEN offers an Accelerated Replacement RMA Service. Eligible products and regions are listed below.

Service Highlights :


The Accelerated Replacement RMA Service ensures swift replacement of faulty hardware for minimal downtime. The Accelerated Replacement RMA Service lasts for 3 years from product purchase.

Benefits :

  • Ensure swifter replacement of your ATEN product by receiving a replacement before returning the faulty device.
  • Absolute minimum product downtime.
  • Direct technical support and RMA service from an ATEN engineer or one of ATEN's Authorized Service Providers.
  • Hassle-free repair or replacement, including parts and labor.
  • Enjoy a committed level of service.
  • Reduce costly downtime and service interruption.
  • Peace of mind in using your ATEN product.


Requirements :

  • Products purchased must be registered and activated online on the  ATEN eService Website.
  • The warranty does not cover software, batteries, peripherals, free accessories (such as cables), or customer-induced damage to the product.
  • These services are available only in the following countries:
    • North America: USA, Canada.
    • Asia: Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Sri Lanka.
    • Europe: Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Luxemburg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden.
    • The Middle East: Israel, Iran, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Egypt.
  • These services are available only in the country where the ATEN product is purchased.
  • Only the following products are covered by the Accelerated Replacement RMA Service:
    • Modular: VM1600, VM7104, VM7404, VM7514, VM7604, VM7804, VM8514, VM8604, VM8804.
    • Control: VK2100, VK224, VK236, VK248.
    • KVM over IP Switch: KN4116VA, KN4132VA, KN4164VA, KN8132VA, KN8164VA.
  • Customers need to contact ATEN/ATEN ACSP directly if technical difficulties are encountered.
  • If, after remote diagnosis and troubleshooting, ATEN/ATEN ACSP determines that the customer’s device has experienced an eligible failure, ATEN/ATEN ACSP will send a replacement device to said customer’s location before receiving the defective device.
  • Customers need to provide the following valid information to ATEN/ATEN ACSP for eligibility evaluation: Product serial number, company name, contact person, address, phone number, and email address.
  • ATEN/ATEN ACSP reserves the right to send customers a wholly identical or compatible replacement for the defective device.
  • Upon receipt of the replacement device, customers must return the defective device to ATEN/ATEN ACSP within the next 7 days.
    • ATEN/ATEN ACSP may ask customers to return defective products when the replacement device arrives with the courier who delivered the replacement device.
  • Unless previously arranged with ATEN/ATEN ACSP, if the customer does not return the defective product to ATEN/ATEN ACSP within 15 working days of receiving the replacement device, ATEN/ATEN ACSP will bill said customer the replacement device’s full price.
  • Devices returned shall be in their original packaging or packed properly so as to prevent shipping damage. Both parties shall bear one-way freight costs related to RMA shipments.
  • The replacement device will carry the remaining warranty period of the defective device.
  • The replacement device’s serial number will be updated on ATEN Product Registration database.

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