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A+ Warranty

Service Overview :

ATEN offers an A+ Warranty for a period of 3 years. Eligible products are listed below.


Service Highlights :


The A+ Warranty Service supersedes the Standard Warranty and covers the products listed below for 3 years from product purchase.


Benefits :

  • Extended warranty period for your ATEN product.
  • Direct technical support and RMA service from an ATEN engineer or one of ATEN's Authorized Service Providers.
  • Hassle-free repair or replacement, including parts and labor.
  • Enjoy a committed level of service.
  • Prevent costly repairs that can arise due to shorter warranties.
  • Peace of mind in using your ATEN product.


Requirements :

  • Products purchased are encouraged to be registered and activated online on the ATEN eService Website.
  • The warranty does not cover software, batteries, peripherals, free accessories (such as cables), or customer-induced damage to the product.
  • These services are available only in the country where the ATEN product is purchased.
    • For further information, please contact your local ATEN sales representative.
    • *Does not apply to products purchased in Australia or New Zealand.
  • Only the following products are covered by the A+ Warranty:
    • Modular: VM1600, VM1600A, VM3200, VM7104, VM7404, VM7514, VM7604, VM7804, VM7814, VM8514, VM8604, VM8804, VM8814, VM7904.
    • Matrix: VM6809H, VM6404H, VM51616H, VM5808H, VM5404H, VM5808D, VM5404D, VM3909H, VM3404H, VM0404HB, VM0808HB, VM0808HA, VM0808H, VM0404HA, VM0404H, VM0202H, VM0808T, VM0808, VM0404, VM1616T.
    • Control: VK1100, VK2100, VK224, VK236, VK248, VK108US, VK112EU, VK0100, VK0200.
    • KVM Switch: KH1508A, KH1516A, KH2508A, KH2516A.
    • Matrix KVM Switch: KM0032, KM0532, KM0932. (Exclude KAxxxx series models)
    • KVM over IP Switch: KN1000, KN1000A, KH1508Ai, KH1516Ai, KN1108VA, KN1116VA, KN1108v, KN1116v, KN1132V, KN2116VA, KN2124VA, KN2132VA, KN2140VA, KN4116VA, KN4124VA, KN4132VA, KN4140VA, KN4164V, KN8132V, KN8164V. (Exclude KAxxxx series models)
    • KVM over IP Extender: KE6910,KE6910T,KE6910R,KE6912,KE6912T,KE6912R,KE6900, KE6940, KE6900T, KE6900R, KE6940T, KE6940R, KE6900ST, KE8900ST, KE8900SR, KE8950, KE8952, KE8950T, KE8950R, KE8952T, KE8952R, KE9900ST, KE9950, KE9952, KE9950T, KE9950R, KE9952T, KE9952R.
    • IP-based Matrix Switch: ES0152, ES0152P.
    • Serial Console Server: SN9108, SN9116, SN0108A, SN0116A, SN0132, SN0148, SN0108CO, SN0116CO, SN0132CO, SN0148CO, SN9108CO, SN9116CO.
    • LCD KVM: KL1508A, KL1516A, KL1508Ai, KL1516Ai, KL9108, KL9116, KL1108VN, KL1116VN.
    • Desktop KVM Switches: CM1164A, CM1284

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