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Room Booking System

ATEN Room Booking System is tailored for workspaces with its interactive panel and customizable Configurator Software for effective reservation and optimizing of space utilization. Use Quick Booking with just one tap, or let the system intelligently find other meeting spaces or extend the meeting period time. Users can find available meeting rooms via the LED bar and panel indicator to save time. What’s more, the customizable background and company logo, and modern appearance of ATEN RBS, enhance an organization’s identity and make for a professional brand image.

One tap

Real-time synchronized calendar server

Smart remote management

Optimize utilization

Customizable design

Search matched room

Real-time synchronized calendar server

ATEN RBS seamlessly integrates with leading calendar servers to automatically synchronize reservations from devices connected to mail servers.
Supported calendar servers:

  1. Microsoft 365
  2. Google Workspace
Real-time synchronized calendar system

Connect with any meeting room size

Use the ATEN RBS to quick book meeting spaces for small group brainstorming or discussion efficiency.

ATEN RBS intelligently sets up your available meeting room space for video calls to your team, perfect for communicating with partners or 3rd parties.

ATEN RBS and ATEN Control System let you hold management meetings smartly and smoothly.

Hold efficient, agile meetings with just one tap

ATEN RBS lets you easily find and quickly book a meeting space with one tap on the room booking system panel.

Hold efficient, agile meetings with just one tap

Search for open meeting rooms in seconds

The system can intelligently reflect the on-time status of room availability by minutes, and users can extend the meeting time period or find other meeting spaces. Save time finding meeting spaces to improve productivity.

1. When the current room is occupied 2. Select the required time 3. Display available rooms

Optimize your time and meeting spaces

RBS can intelligently detect a meeting room’s status to see if a meeting has ended early, or had a no-show meeting. It can then release the room early and allow it to be booked for another meeting, optimizing the meeting space.

Optimize your time and meeting spaces

Customize your brand image

Through its intuitive interface, ATEN RBS users can add the their organization’s logo to enhance their brand identity.

Find the green light to easily start a meeting

LED lights show if a room is available or occupied to help you start a meeting efficiently. In addition, simplify installation via a single Ethernet connection that delivers both power and system communications. And with the smart wall mount, it’s incredibly easy to keep the meeting space clutter-free.

Find the green light to easily start a meeting

Remote management made effortless and efficient

The ATEN RBS configurator helps IT staff to centrally manage multiple meetings and spaces, even across branches and overseas offices, at the same time. Make life easier and more efficient for your IT staff with the ATEN RBS configurator.

Remote Management made effortless and efficient

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